Here at The Cheery Chef I am dedicated to serving you beautiful, healthy and tasty meals, providing weekly recipes for you and offering you the best exclusive kitchen items. I am so passionate about healthy food! I am dedicated to spending my hours in the kitchen dreaming up new recipes and delicious creations with lots of seasonal ingredients from my garden, from the local farms and more. I am in love with the bounty of healthy food we have here in Oregon and I am so happy to share it with you on a weekly basis. 

My gluten free and dairy free recipes are designed to teach you how to create delicious, celebratory and healthy meals to serve to your friends, family and special guests. Many of my recipes include vegan recipes, vegetarian, paleo and more! Each week I love to get in the kitchen and create new and exciting recipes for all of you! I am passionate about creating the very best food for you and making sure it is delicious and amazing for you. 

I am focused on foods that are safe for those with food allergies. Join my newsletter, check out the meals I offer weekly and peruse my online kitchen shop for great, exclusive finds such as handmade aprons, cutting boards and vintage linens. New items are added often to the shop. The aprons are handmade and designed by my mom, the cutting boards are made by my dad- he is a master woodworker, and the vintage linens are curated by me. 

I offer:

  •  Meals made in my home kitchen by me through Josephine Cooks. Check back each week for new meals being posted and additional items for pick up. I cook on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you can pick up meals from 5pm to 7pm. 
  • An Online Kitchen Shop with handmade aprons, cutting boards, vintage linens and more to be added soon. 
  • A published cookbook: Recipes for a Cheery Life: Gluten Free Brunch is now available on Amazon and Blurb
  • A weekly Newsletter with great recipes, tips and tricks you can use in your kitchen. 
  • Free Resources such as cheat sheets and recipe packets.

Subscribe to my weekly recipe newsletter and receive The Good Curves Guide for free! This is an amazing 34 page guide with some of my recipes and fitness and lifestyle tips from my friends: Cari Li, Shamala and Allison! I hope you enjoy it! 

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