Glorious Home: 8 Rooms


Glorious Home: 8 Rooms


In this package I will de-clutter and organize up to 8 rooms in your home. This package includes a 30-minute assessment of the room in your home and goal setting for how you would like this area to feel and work for you.  I will work up to 48 total hours (6 hours per room) in these 8 rooms de-cluttering and organizing the remaining items. If organizational boxes, etc. need to be purchased, I can help you pick out some, purchase them and come back to organize the items with you once they arrive. (I will need to be reimbursed for the cost of the containers) I will also arrange for a charity truck to pick up your donation items and send you reminder to leave them out for pick up. This package also includes 2 sessions for “use what you have decorating.” I will help you arrange furniture, suggest items to move to another area or donate and ways to decorate with what you already own in the rooms.

This package includes:

48 hours decluttering/organizing work in 8 rooms.

Purchasing of containers for organizing items.

Donation truck arrangement and reminder.

Use what you have decorating session in two rooms.

(Sometimes some rooms may require additional work) Additional organizing/de-cluttering is $60/hour.


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