Coming soon! I will be cooking/baking meals 1-2 times a week for  I will put a link here to the site where you can check out my meals and order them. Thank you so much! My first meal will be on July 7th, 2016.  I will be serving meals most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7pm for pick up. My meals are now live on the website!  I now have 6 meals to choose from. 



Josephine Cooks Meals FAQ: 

1. Are the meals coming from a licensed kitchen? 

Yes, I have a food handler's card and my kitchen passed the inspection as well. 

2. Are the meals fully cooked and ready to eat? 

Yes, the meals are fully cooked and prepared, you just take them home to enjoy! 

3. What types of meals will be available? 

All meals will be gluten free and dairy free. I will offer full dinner portions with side dishes as well as add-on items like cornbread, tortillas, frozen custard, desserts and breakfast items to go like overnight oats. Some of the meals will be vegetarian or vegan and others will be paleo. 

4. How do I sign up for meals? 

Go to the Josephine Cooks website and sign up for an account. This way, you will be able to see the meals I have available in the Aloha neighborhood. Then, go to my page and sign up for meals.

5. How do I pay for meals? 

You pay for meals right on my meals page on the website. You pay for the meals ahead of time before the pick up day/time. 

6. When is the pick up window/days of service? 

I will be serving meals most Tuesdays and Thursdays and the pick up window will be from 5pm to 7pm. I will pack up the meals fresh in compostable containers for you to take home. If you are coming to pick up several meals at once, please bring a reusable bag with you. I serve the meals hot and fresh. I will have fruit water for you to enjoy while you wait for me to freshly pack up your meal. 

7. What containers will be used for the meals? 

I will use compostable containers for all of my meals. All side dishes, desserts and breakfasts to-go will be packed in these containers as well. 

8. What are my meal choices? 

I will serve one entree with sides per night. You may also purchase side items listed on the page as well. Choose the meals that you like best. 

9. Will there be frozen meals/sides for me to pick up? 

Yes, from time to time I will offer frozen meals as well. 

Make sure to sign up for Josephine  so that you will be ready to view my meals when they are posted:

Steps to take:

1. Sign up up on Josephine:

2. Go to my page:

3. Order meals from my page.