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Chore Team- Getting everyone involved!

    The breakfast table: Set the night before by a member of our family chore team- we are up and running in the morning! 


The breakfast table: Set the night before by a member of our family chore team- we are up and running in the morning! 

I admit that I am a bit of a: neat freak-clean freak-schedule freak. I love to have everything put away, in its place, clean and have everything run on schedule. I even really look forward to the nine months out of the year that my life can run on more of a tight schedule. I know myself and work hard to achieve these things because it is who I am and how I operate. However, as the summer drew to a close, I knew that in order to keep up with the schedule of creating recipes, blogging, teaching cooking classes and finishing up my recipe book I would need some help. 

Asking for help is not something that comes naturally to me. I am very self regulated and usually do a really good job of managing a lot of things on my own. Lately though, I found myself needing help in order to keep things running in the household, get my business work done and still be able to have plenty of time with my family. 

I decided to call upon my dear husband and now 7 year old son for help. They gladly said yes to the plan and the "chore team" was born. 

What is chore team? 

I devised a plan where each person from our three person team would choose two chores to do per night after dinner. There are 4 daily chores that we do Monday-Thursday and two rotating chores that are done on different days of the week. 

We placed each chore on a sticky note which we keep on the inside of the front coat closet door. We dubbed this door "chore door." Every night after dinner, we all go to the chore door and pick out two chores. Since my son has 2 smaller chores to do every night he is also tasked to clean up his room every night as well so that he starts out with a clean room the next day. 



Our 4 Daily Chores are: 

1. Dishes: Load dirty dishes into the dishwasher, hand wash large items & set out to dry. Unload & put away any clean dishes.

2. Wipe the Counters/Table Down: With a wet/soapy rag, wipe down the main counters and dining table. 

3. Set the Breakfast Table: Set out place mats & napkins, small plates, silverware, glasses, mugs, vitamins on the table for the next day.

4. Gather the Laundry: Get a laundry basket, go to each room/hamper and gather the dirty laundry. Put the laundry in the machine for laundering the next morning. 

Our Rotating Chores Are: 

Mondays: Vacuum one floor, Clean one bathroom.

Tuesdays: Vacuum one floor, Clean the other bathroom.

Wednesdays: Vacuum one flour, Dust surfaces on main floor.

Thursdays: Dust surfaces on 1st floor, Dust surfaces on 3rd floor. 

This system has been working so well for the past 4 weeks. We have gravitated toward our favorite chores to do. My son always picks "wipe down the counters/table" and "gather laundry". Then, he also cleans his room. 

It usually only takes us 15-20 minutes to do all of our chores. Then, if we complete all of our chores every week as a team, then we earn a popcorn party & movie together at the end of the week. Hooray! 

I think that there are so many good things about this simple system: 

  •  It creates a sense of teamwork in our family. 
  • It gets my son to be responsible for chores and keeping his room clean and things organized.
  • We all can learn to work together and encourage each other. 
  • It sets a good example of helping and teamwork for my son. 
  • I can start my day with more confidence because I know that major chores are done and I can get my business work accomplished. 

In the mornings I still do a few chores, but I am able to get them out of the way quickly so that I can get going on my business tasks. 

Here are the chores I do in the morning: 

  • start a load of laundry/fold laundry
  • unload the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put them away/reload with dirty dishes
  • sweep the main floor
  • mop the main floor

I encourage you to start a chore team of your own. It will help you a lot and teach everyone in your family something about working together. Now that school has started we have added "making lunch" to our chore team as well so that my son has his lunch made the night before and there is no need to scramble in the morning. Another thing that I love about chore team is that we can add/subtract things to our list as needed. Sometimes we change a light bulb, or organize some things in the garage. It gives us a set time each day to accomplish things for our home as a team. 

I wish you a fabulous day and please let me know if this post was helpful to you & your family. 

If this post helped you out and took some stress away, pass it on to a friend!