Transition and Letting Go


Although it is a very icy day and very cold where I am right now here in Oregon, we are still in a transition time towards spring. I have seen little leaves of daffodils poking through the ground, a signal that change is ahead for the earth. In this way I am readying myself for a major transition in my work life.

With the experiences I have had recently I am going to be transitioning out of baking for clients and into a whole other realm of work that I can do from home. I have come to find how important it is to pay attention to so many factors in the way that I live life, how it affects others, how I serve others and how I feel on a regular basis.

Breaking a Similar Pattern:

Over the past 15 years or so I have mainly concentrated on baking or food-related businesses. It started with a farmer’s market baking business with my mom and sister in law that we did for 4 years while I was still teaching English as a Second Language, my mom was teaching too and my sister in law was in college. Later on I quit teaching after 10 years to start my home pie business. After 2 years of that I transitioned to teaching baking/cooking classes while still taking orders for baked goods on occasion and I did that for around a year or so. That transitioned me to starting a meal service with which I did for nearly 2 years. Then, I worked at a local cafe for around 4 months baking and cooking there 6 days a week. After the cafe closed permanently I had another transition to make. I decided to start baking at home again and created an online bakery for local folks to order from and had some bake sales. I then have transitioned to baking part time at a local farm for their store/events.

Lots of Changes But Stuck in a Rut:

I realized the other day that I had a pattern of lots of transitions but it was always in the same space: food. It’s funny that at those times I thought I was making so many changes in my life but in a way I was in a rut. I just kept doing the same type of thing. I think in a strange way although I love to help people, in all of these food jobs I was looking for outside affirmation from others as to my worth in my work. I was working on validating myself through what I physically created. I have been doing some deep personal growth/development work recently and one of the exercises in a course I have been taking really made my realize this. Although I am very ready for a change I feel that I have learned so much through all of these experiences and all of these paths I have explored through the years. I believe deep in my heart that I could not start to become the person I am starting to become at this moment without this work journey.

New Focus, New Journey:

Coming to the conclusion that I needed to radically change the work I do to take the focus off of me and put it on others and really, truly help others in their lives with skills that I have has been a big realization. It may seem very abrupt, but I am ready to transition over to working in the personal development/personal growth space, not only in a part time fashion but very soon in a full time way. I have found that more than a year ago I had started to stop putting recipes on my blog and I really started to focus on my journey and what I was learning in life along the way. That became very interesting to me and I wanted to see how I could help others with it. Now, I believe I can begin to transition to helping and teaching others and facilitating their own learning on how to become the person they are meant to be. That is such a beautiful, joyful and exciting process to me. I have always loved to write, to create worksheets, to teach others. I am now really listening to that calling deep in my heart to give back.

What is next?

Here’s what’s to come:

  • Patreon Page: I have created a page on Patreon that is affiliated with this blog. If you would like to sign up for monthly benefits that include companion learning videos, checklists, workbooks, a private Facebook group or weekly accountability check ins you can check out what I have available to help you here:

  • Home Clearing Course: I am creating a course for clearing your home. This is a different method from de-cluttering and it is a very manageable, practical daily practice that is easy and rewarding.

  • Vision Board Course: I am creating a course on how to make your vision board for your hopes and dreams really come alive with worksheets on visioning your future, how you want to feel and what experiences you want to have. It includes writing exercises to go along with your vision board to make it a richer experience.

I will continue to blog, write newsletter for my list and create videos and courses. I will also be teaching some courses locally just like the vision board course that I did recently. I will be transitioning this blog to a new domain/new website very soon because I will be taking down any food/baking related things. I have started by removing the “bakery” tab on this site. Eventually over the next 2 months this site will be moved but I will keep you posted on that process. I am so excited to be able to serve you all in a very different, enriching way!

I would love to hear from you and what transitions and letting go experiences you have had in your life. Please feel free to comment below!

Thank you so much for being on this journey along with me. It means a lot to me that you are here to share in the experience. Please feel free to reach out at: anytime.

New Possibilities!

New Possibilities!

Transitions in life and in business can be both scary and full of enormous potential and possibilities. Because of the shut down of my current meal service platform, I find myself in the realm of change and possibilities. Although I tend to be a very positive person, this doesn't mean that big changes are super easy for me. I really do love change on many levels; new decor, new haircuts, new ways of styling clothes or my home or garden. I also love to change it up in my business and offer fresh and new ideas to clients. However, with lots of big change and transition happening at once there can also be a looming fear of the unknown and and a feeling of uncertainty. This is natural and I believe it is important to move through these emotions one step at a time and do things that make sense to you so that you can move on to bigger, better things. 

At this time with around a month to go until my final transition out of this meal service and into something new (yet to be determined) I find myself needing to simplify and change my surroundings a bit at home so that I feel like I am ready to transition to a new and improved business model. Whenever I make a big change- like deciding a while back to retire from the farmer's market, I declutter and give away lots of things I no longer need and simplify my belongings. This seems to be my way of letting go of the old and leaving room for the new, for the possibilities to come. I also feel that it's a way of showing the universe that I am ready to take on the next change and the next challenges that come my way.

So, in the past few days I have followed my intuition and in-between my business work and family time I've been decluttering and simplifying the decor in each room, cabinet and drawer in the house. This is quite a process but it isn't as big of a job right now because I have done big decluttering sessions in the past. This time around it is more of a "maintenance round." I feel that although we can do a big decluttering, things tend to creep in over time and it's a great idea to do this about once a year and really evaluate your possessions and the spaces you live in. I feel that there is more space in each room and I feel peace and happiness as I walk in to each space. This does mean that at the moment the garage is a mess with lots of things ready to give away or put elsewhere. But, this is just a part of the process. After I am finished decluttering as much as I am able to in the rest of the house I will ready things to give away and then declutter the garage as well. 

Even though this transition is a really big one, I really am super excited about the change and on many levels aI feel that I am ready for it. I have been working on my own in a home business for several years now and although there are many advantages to it, it can be quite isolating and I feel that being in a location around other people and seeing clients on a more regular basis would be a great thing for me. Also, it gets me one step closer to my goal of owning my own cafe. 

I truly feel that at the right times, the universe may create changes for us that are out of our control, but were just what we needed to get that extra push to put us right where we need to be to thrive and shine. 

What transitions or big changes have you been through? How did you cope with them? I believe everyone has their own way of coping with change and doing certain activities that help guide them and signal that one chapter is over and a new one is beginning. I'd love to hear from you what helps you during these times. 

With lots of care,


Change & Transition

Change and Transition

Sometimes we plan change, sometimes it's gradual, or sometimes it's sudden. Many times it can be completely out of our control. As human beings, our lives are a series of changes, of growing and adapting either by choice or by circumstance. Sometimes change seems scary and sometimes it seems welcome. At times it can feel like the worst thing to ever happen to you, but at the same time the very best blessing. 

This is the complex situation I am facing right now with a very major, recent change that was out of my control. A few days ago I found out that the meal service platform that I use to have customers order meals to go from me- will be shutting down on March 30th. At first it was shocking and upsetting. It was a very emotional time for me and for all of the cooks on the platform. I know that the folks at Josephine did all that they could to keep things running, but as with all startups and something that really is so unique and out of the norm for most people, it was an uphill battle. I commend them for working so tirelessly for all of us and for really giving it a go. 

After the first couple of days of initial shock, and even during that time I went back and forth between feeling utterly devastated and intrigued about the new possibilities and new things I could do out in the community. The morning after I found out about the shut-down I had to sit there and cry for a while. It is important to me to let my emotions flow so that I am able to move on from difficult news. After that, I began to communicate with lots of people about the news and began to get some ideas from them. This started me thinking about the possibilities out there. Even though I am excited- some mornings I wake up elated that there will be new things to do and others I am terrified of starting over again. I think that all of this is normal and it is the process of letting go and surrendering to what is and what may be. 

In the end I truly believe that the universe is "kicking me out" of my home business to really get into the community, learn from others in coffee and food businesses and move closer to my own cafe. This is the path that I come back to again and again and it is what I have always wanted. The steps in between are for me to learn and grow and explore along the journey to "a place of my own."

As opportunities and possibilities open up I am thrilled and a bit scared still all at the same time. But in my deepest heart, I know that this phase will help me grow, change and keep on walking on my journey. 

I'd love to hear from you about changes you've had that have been "out of the blue" and what you have learned from them.