The Dojo


Is there are time that you are doing an activity and the time seems to move so quickly because you are really "in the zone?" You aren't thinking about other things or planning for tomorrow or next year or worrying about anything? That is called being "in flow." It is such a wonderful state and now that I am doing my cooking and baking at Murray's Coffee Bar I find that my little kitchen space there is like a "dojo" for my work. When I am there I am not distracted by other things I should be doing. I am concentrating on the rolling of the dough, the frosting of the cookies, the sauteing of the asparagus or onions. This is such a beautiful place to be in. I just love it! 

So many moments there I am truly "in the moment." Really observing how the icing swirls on the cookie or how good the quiche smells coming right out of the oven. This is my meditative, contemplative place. I never dreamed it could be like this. I absolutely love my home and consider it such a blessing to have such a nice home to live in, but I am so contented doing my daily, life's work in this coffeeshop kitchen. It can truly be my space to work in and be creative in and a space in which I create food for all to enjoy. 

Although I am "in the zone." so much I also really enjoy working with others, talking about ideas and serving customers slices of quiche or brunch dishes. This gives me great joy as well because I have discovered I feel the most joy when I am with people. I need a little bit of alone time each day as everyone does, but spending the major part of my day around people brings me a lot of positive energy. 

I'd love to hear of where your "dojo" is and what are the times that you are "in the flow" of things while doing work that you really, really enjoy and are passionate about. 

With lots of care,