Learning about Balance and Rest


I absolutely LOVE to be doing and creating all of the time. That is how I have always been. Even as a little girl I remember having plans every single day. Before I went to preschool and during the summers and after school I'd always have my "agenda." At first those were play and pretend agendas but later on they turned into creative projects and other things to do. In high school must summers I'd spend learning how to bake everything in a cookbook or canning, drying and making jam. I really have a hard time sitting still. I always like to have "something to show" for my day's work. 

Although I think that this is a fantastic trait of mine, I have learned lately that I need to rest sometimes. I need to take breaks, sit down, eat meals slowly, stare out the window and enjoy the view. There was a moment last week where I was so tired that I was laughing at everything, even cracking an egg into a bowl. I laughed so hard that I cried! That is what happens when I am tired. It was super funny, but at the same time it reminded me that even though I love my work there is nothing wrong with slowing down the pace a bit. :)  Like enjoying a yummy protein cookie on a sunny day on my porch- yum! (pictured above) 

So now I make sure to have a big breakfast that I cook each morning and take time to sit down to eat, to enjoy each sip of my morning tea (at about 4:15-4:30am) and take time to look at my pretty flowers on the porch on the way to the car. In the afternoons I relish the time to make a healthy snack for myself and my son, to sit down and hear about the day's events and later on to read a magazine or book while sitting down comfortably. It's very funny that resting doesn't come naturally to me- (I think I take after my dad who can still wake up at or before 5am without an alarm and get his day started on woodworking)- I think it is important and essential to build into my life. 

My whole day off each week is Sundays and although right now I spend part of it doing some weekly cleaning chores I am going to find a way to break down those tasks to a little bit each day of the week so that my day off can really be dedicated to thoroughly enjoying my family, a food adventure (we love to go and try new restaurants, doughnut shops or food carts on Sundays) and resting. 

I feel so very fortunate that I get to do what I absolutely love- creating yummy dishes and baked goods for all to enjoy. I am truly blessed. I will not take that blessing lightly and I will treat it gently and kindly by building rest into my days and relish those times. 

When is a time that you learned you needed more rest? I'd love to hear from you! :) 

With lots of care