Dear Universe,



This is an open letter to the universe that is from all of my heart. I am doing lots of personal growth work right now and have done a lot of that this year, especially in the wake of the shut down of and then the closing of Murray’s Coffee Bar. I am working on lots of learning right now, not only about how to start over but about myself and how I want to show up for the world. This journey has had lots of ups and downs, but this I know for sure: it is a journey that is full of amazing twists and turns and we all must be awake enough to really soak it all in and appreciate it all. With lots of love, this is what I’d like to express to the universe right now.

Dear Universe,

This is a thank you letter to you for all of the wonders we have in the world. I remember when I was a little girl and every day I would have an imaginative plan to go and do something like run my restaurant or have a picnic with my dolls. Everything was so vivid in those days of play out in the forest, the yard and the field. Every day my grandpa would ask me what my plans in my realm were that day. I really, truly felt so amazing every single day playing, imagining, pretending. There was almost no line between real life and imaginary because in my world it was all possible.

I always imagine you to be a beautiful galaxy of stars swirling around, sparkling with light and a million colors. You love to see our dreams, our imaginations, our faith in what is possible for our lives and our destinies. Sometimes you send us challenges or setbacks to test how well we can do, to train us for what is to come. At the time those can take our magic away if we allow it, or it can make us stronger to face what is to come to reach our dreams. Today I choose to allow everything to make me stronger, to make me wiser, to help me face the challenges to reach my dreams and help others along my path.

I know that inside I still have that imagination that I had as a little girl, every day when I am baking at home I am really in my fancy patisserie, surrounded by lots of amazing people, beautiful music and all of the delights of the culinary world. Every day when I prepare to work and put on my apron I am entering the sacred universe of dreams, I must not resist doing the work because creating works of art out of food is what I was born to do. I am in my realm and that gives me daily joy. I ask that you help me see this magical world.

Sometimes we lose sight of our imaginations, our dream world, because our physical reality is otherwise. However, every day we see others who have overcome amazing challenges because they kept the dream, they kept the imagination and they kept going no matter what. They are evidence of the fact that everything can become our reality if we choose it to be so.

I am learning day by day to tap into my inner self, to believe in myself, to really look into my creativity and believe that I can make anything happen. I thank you for showing me the beauty of nature, the mystery of a lucky penny on the sidewalk, the amazing conversations with my son (whose imagination is simply stunning and filled with detail), the invitations to lunch and coffee from people in the community lately and so many other daily surprises.

Often we focus on the things that we don’t have, that is so easy to start to do, but I thank you for the opportunity to start over each day and try again. I will begin each day focusing on the magical, beautiful world that is already here and all of the magic yet to come.

I realize today that meditation is like a chat with the universe. It is a very quiet chat, but if we listen we will find clues, ideas, actions we can take that take us closer to our dreams. I am working on learning to meditate. It is not an easy thing for me since I love to be so active, but I realize that to quiet the mind is a beautiful thing as well.

Thank you for all that has come into my life, positive or negative. From the positive I have learned joy, from the negative I have learned and grown.

So now I find a new focus and I am asking you- the universe- for work that brings me joy and creativity and abundance each and every day, to me and to those who I serve, for work I can do in the community to help those who need it, for lots of opportunities for travel all around the world and for opportunities to spread joy everywhere I go. I am on this path and already have taken action on so much of this. I am excited by what you will send me next and I will be listening each morning for answers.

With lots of love,


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