Invisible Pathways


A field of grace seems to form around us when we commit ourselves to something that satisfies our souls. Invisible pathways open up through the universe. We meet people who are on a similar path, and we are given forms of assistance that seems like magic.

“How to Create a Life of Your Own Design: Conscious Living” by Gay Hendricks

I just started reading this book on conscious living yesterday and this quote really leaped off the page at me. I have recently felt this to be true for me as well. As I commit to doing the activities that make my heart happy I am surrounded by others who have helped me, encouraged me and given me advice along the way. When others see that you are truly following your path to bliss a light shines on the path for you.

when you commit to your craft in a big way, spend time on it, put your heart and soul into it, opportunities will open up for you. It may not be instantaneous, but I have experienced it on a daily basis. Recently I had some very vivid dreams that I like to call “future memories.” I saw myself receiving a gold medal for some kind of food competition. I do not know what that means, but I choose to believe that the universe has lots in store for me. Because of that I am going to continue to create beautiful food art and follow my heart in the direction that it wants to go. I know that in this place I will find so many wonderful pathways that open up for me in ways that I never imagined they would.

Lately I have been practicing the art of “peaceful commitment” to projects. By this I mean that I do projects when I get inspiration to do them based on a meditation or a thought that pops into my head. I am working on becoming not so attached to the immediate outcome of those activities. Sometimes it seems like we take a flurry of inspired action and then there is a bit of a lull. However, I believe that is just the space in between where we can rest for a while and let the universe take over. I no longer stress so much about what’s going to turn out and what isn’t. I know that the more inspiration that is behind something that I do and that if I have fun doing it, the better it will be.

I would love to know your experiences with invisible pathways and inspiration. Let me know in a comment below or email me at: info@thecheerychef.com

With lots of love,