The Cheery Chef Manifesto

In this special manifesto I want to bring everyone together to have a conversation about food. I create all of my recipes so that they are gluten free and dairy free, however I want to invite everyone to the table whether they are vegan, vegetarian, paleo or follow a more traditional diet. We all have a place when it comes to food. We all have a right to share in the beauty and the bounty that is food. 

1. Food is Beautiful: 

It is said that we eat with our eyes first. This is so true. We are often captivated by the look of a food or a dish, by its colors, shape or textures. I view food as a thing of beauty. We can marvel in the colors that nature has provided for us, the lovely shapes of fruits and vegetables that come from the earth. 

2. Food is Social:

When it comes to being social, we invite people to get together over coffee, or a meal. We share food as we talk together, get to know each other. Meals are shared, smiles are exchanged, we laugh, we cry, we connect over food. 

3. Food is Sharing: 

In good times and in bad, sharing a meal, bringing over a dinner can mean so much. We share our efforts and our labor over that special meal and we share it with others to show that we care about them. Meals brought to those in need, seniors, families going through grief or tragedy it is all a way to share. I want everyone to embrace food, to know its beauty and share its love for us. 

4. Food is Nourishment: 

Food nourishes our bodies by providing vitamins and minerals we need to grow, thrive and have energy to create the dreams in our lives. 

5. Food is Art: 

I love how we can arrange fruit on a platter in the shape of a rainbow or a flower, we can paint the plate with a delicious sauce to go with an entree, we can play with colors, shapes and textures. The palate of colors we have to create with is limitless. 

6. Food is Love: 

When we think about a celebration, the center of it is always food. We celebrate birthdays with beautiful candles in a cake, we celebrate holidays with special, traditional dishes, we celebrate anniversaries with a special dinner out. This food shows our love. 

7. Food is Nature: 

All food originally comes from nature. Let us look for the source of our food. The closer to nature our food is, the more it will nourish our bodies and in turn nourish the earth. Look to nature and whole foods when you cook and bake, it will in turn bring you back to your true nature. 

8. Food is Us: 

It is said "you are what you eat." We are all made up of the foods that we eat. Let us make choices that help us, help each other, nature and the earth. We are all in this together. We are all together. We are all connected through food. 

9. Food is Life: 

Food starts with life-giving clean water. Food is integrated into our lives. It sustains us, young and old. 

10. Food is Fun

Food is so much fun! We can play with our food, introduce new flavors, new ingredients, new spices, new ways of preparing our food. The possibilities abound! Go ahead and have fun with your food! 

I hope that you can find beauty and love in food. I want to invite you to the table, to our table that belongs to each and every one of us where we can share food and connect.