If there were ever to be a philosophy, religion or science that could truly unify the human race and bring lasting peace, justice and equality to individuals, families, communities and nations, it would have to be based on the one experience that all beings share in equal measure and to which all beings have equal and unlimited access at all times: the knowing of our own infinite being, which shines in each of our minds as the knowledge ‘I am’. The fact that all people to refer to themselves by the same- ‘I’- is a hint in the common parlance of the understanding that we all share the same being.

Rupert Spira in his book “The Nature of Consciousness: Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter

This quote really struck me as I read this book on consciousness the other day. In life we are taught in many ways about separateness- our town, our neighborhood, our nation, our continent, but really we are all part of an infinite intelligence that is growing constantly. It is amazing how much the universe is expanding. When I see the photo above of the milky way I marvel of the vastness of space. If we apply this infinite and vast sense to ourselves we realize that we are all part of something very grand.

We all call ourselves “I” in different languages but it means the same thing. So, we are all connected in some way. If we could concentrate on this, remember this, live this, we could all find more peace in our days. There really is no “other” in life. Little ripples of our actions, thoughts and intentions really do matter.

They matter in a very positive way I believe. The more we concentrate on the present moment, on our unity as one being in the universe and on creating a future as individuals and as a collective, the more we will see wonderful things happening. What you put out into the world and the universe matters more than any of us will ever be able to comprehend and that is a beautiful thing.

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