A New Day, A New Outlook!

Rising Up Again!

Just a little while ago, a bit more than a week ago I finally began to feel that the fog had lifted from the dark cloud of letting the coffee shop go and moving on to create a new path. I think many times it is ok to let ourselves be sad, to feel the feelings, to feel like not moving on quite yet. I had to be in this state for a while because it helped me to become stronger and to move on. 

I feel like I am a wildflower seed that has been germinating in the ground all winter and now it is spring. I have taken time to rest, to read books, to journal, to drink lots and lots of tea, to dream, to think and to invite in all of the possibilities. Luckily, my "winter" has only been about 1 month. I really think I had some mild depression, a mild sadness and gloom filtered all that I saw for a while having to do with my life's work, my business and who I am. 

We invest so much and we put so much value on what we do in our day to day lives, how we use our talents, how we advance in our careers and chosen jobs and paths. It was good for me to take a forced "break" of sorts to really sort out what brings me pure joy. This is something I feel really blessed to have been able to do. At first, the closing of the shop seemed like a disaster. It felt like I was failing if I couldn't save it. I felt that I had not done all that I could have done. Now, when I look back at it, I see that it was a huge gift. The closing gave me a chance to really be quite, still and look within myself for my next path. 

At first, it felt as if I were moving backwards on the board game of life. Here I was, back at home, not cooking and baking for people every day. Not doing my life's work, my calling, not tapping into daily creativity. However, just like a forest fire allows new seeds to sprout and new life to emerge, this chapter had to die, to come to an end, in order to spring back into life again. Taking the time to stop, to ponder, to find my joy again brought me back to my true home.

I have discovered my joy is in the creation of beautiful works of art through food. I realize that all along there was a reason that I went to school and took lots of art classes to pursue my degree in Graphic Design. With all of the art courses that I took, the one that most captured my joy was a sculpture class. I really loved how the teacher taught us to to look differently at materials, to capture a feeling, a moment in our sculptures. That is one of the classes I was best at and it surprised me so much. 

On this journey I have daydreamed about creating the milky way galaxy in meringue- both from space and from Earth. I dream of the magical colors I will paint it and the spirit it will capture. I know that everything starts with a dream and a vision and I am so very lucky to have found mine again. You will be seeing lots of delicious art from me in the coming days and weeks. I hope to make your day sweet, your celebration magical! 

Leaving Room for Miracles

Leave Room for Miracles

I have always been a planner. I am not sure where this trait came from but I have always loved to plan ahead, set and reach goals. I love to have events like summer vacation blocked off on our calendar months ahead of time. I love to have things to look forward to and to add details to. I have a huge wall calendar and each week I add on appointments, meals I'm cooking and more. I keep track of my exercise there as well with star stickers! I love planning! 

However, with all of the changes to my business going on, I have found that although I love to plan, it is important to leave room for miracles. So many times a difficult, unexpected change in our lives can come about. At that moment we think it's the worst thing that can be happening to us. We didn't plan on this! It is those events that really turn into miracles if we are awake and ready to see them. When my meal service platform, Josephine.com announced their shutdown at the end of March I had already planned meals out till the end of April. Now I see though that this unplanned event is really such a blessing to me, to my family and to my community. 

Although I am a planner, slowly I am learning to leave some space for miracles in my life. Those little things that happen that open doors and illuminate the path that I have been searching for. Last year I decided that I wanted to open my own cafe. I know it is a long road to get there and many changes and many challenges are ahead but in my heart I know it's what I've always been meant to do. I get such joy from cooking for others and hearing how they loved their meals. My favorite part of the day is serving people meals, whether it be clients or my own family- I love spreading the love and joy through food. I had thought about working in a cafe/coffee shop to gain experience. Recently I have been talking to a local coffee shop and they are going to give me an opportunity to cook and bake in their shop. This will give me the chance to learn how a coffee shop/cafe runs and all of the ins and outs of the business. I will be able to help this shop expand their food options and broaden their horizons. This leads me to the conclusion that because I put this idea and energy out there, it came back to me and I will give back to it through my work. 

Over the past 2-3 years I have become a more spiritual person because of the way that I have chosen to view the world and through my studies. I truly believe that miracles happen in our daily lives and we will see them if we are open to them. In my bathroom I have a framed sign that says "Miracles are Happening." At first this sign said "Good Things are Happening." But, my son told me to put "Miracles" instead. I think he was right! 

I believe that when you put your whole heart into something, the right people, places and circumstances will come into place for you. You have to leave an open space in your heart, mind and calendar for these things to happen. I feel like things are beginning to shift, the path is lighting up for me (just like the ones they tell you about in the aisle of an airplane) and I am finding my way towards my cafe. I am open to new and exciting things happening every day. 

Are you open to leaving room for miracles? I'd love to hear from you!