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The Multi-Faceted Garage


Garages are one of the most multi-purpose rooms in our homes. It used to be that the garage was used mostly to store cars, but for many of us it has been years since our cars have been inside the garage. This room in our homes serves many different purposes and I believe it can work very well for us if we take the time to clear away things that are no longer serving us.

When I was tidying up our garage the other day and doing some fine-tuning on our storage I noticed that there were over 20 categories of items in our garage. That is amazing! The garage can be: a pantry, a workshop, an art studio, a repair shop, a recycling center and so much more!

Garages deserve some love because they work very hard to keep many facets of our lives in order. I know in our garage we have an extra fridge where we keep extra drinks for guests and parties, a tool bench, extra pantry storage, extra kitchen storage, board game storage, holiday storage, emergency kit, memory boxes, outdoor gear, extra tables and chairs, paint and so much more.

What I have found that works is to create zones out of the categories that you have in your garage. That way, when you need something from the garage, you know which zone to go to so that you can find what you are looking for. It is important to go through all of your boxes, bags and cabinets to find out what you have first, let go of what’s no longer serving you or no longer useful and then categorize items leftover. In this way we can be mindful of what we have and put it to good use, while passing on items that others may find a use for.

That being said, be patient with yourself because often the garage is a place of the “beautiful flux” as I talked about in a previous post. Sometimes when there are home projects going on, the garage can become a workshop and staging area for those things temporarily. Don’t let that mess discourage you. If the garage is in good order, the mess can be cleared away quite quickly and order will be restored.

What categories do you have in your garage? Leave me a comment below! :)

With lots of love,


Letting Life In


Just yesterday I decided to clear some areas in our home that I felt were cluttered and not letting good energy into our home. I believe that all areas of the home are important and meaningful, but the front of your home is the welcoming area. These areas are the front door/entryway and the coat closet.

The door and entry to your home is the first place that you see when you enter your home and the first place guests see when they are invited into your home. It is important to keep this area clean, tidy and inviting. This creates a great energy about your home and invites in more social time, more abundance and more life into your spaces.

I decided to clear away the extra planter pots and rocks that I had displayed on the front porch leading up to our door. I used to have 7 planter pots and a ceramic decorative jug on the small porch near our front door. It was starting to feel crowded, untidy and had the wrong energy about it.. This is the season that the summer flowers are waning as it is fall, and many of the plants weren’t vibrant anymore. This is why I placed these planters and rocks in the backyard until the spring when I can place them in the garden and start fresh. I found a lovely rosemary plant and some lemon thyme in two beautiful pots and brought them to the front porch to display along with the beautiful decorative jug. This not only creates a beautiful number of 3 things, which I consider lucky- it looks vibrant, alive and energetic! It gives you a great feeling as you enter the home.

The other area I decided to clear and get down to the essentials was the front closet. This is another area that guests encounter when they enter you home. In this season of rain and cold, it’s important to have an area for coats, winter gear and hats. Since I cleared the closet of anything that wasn’t essential for our use in this season (I stored items for spring/summer in our bedroom closet) it left room to place several hangers for guest’s coats. It’s great to have this space for those items. It feels inviting, it feels alive and it leaves space for life to flow in.

If you are wanting to welcome in more guests, more abundance and more life to your home, I am happy to help you through the decluttering journey as your guide to letting life in.

With lots of love,


Celebrate Your Home!


When was the last time you really celebrated your home? For some of us that was last week and for others last year or a few years ago.

Something amazing that I learned while in Japan this summer as that they believe that spirit can be in any object or anything in nature. Because of this the Japanese people treat nature and their homes with lots of care and attention to detail. We noticed that people didn’t leave trash around, and although it’s a very populated area they left a lot of forest and green spaces to be enjoyed.

This can teach us all a powerful lesson. If spirit is in everything, if there is too much clutter covering everything in your home is the spirit trapped? Does it long to come out free, to celebrate? This is a very different concept here in the Western world, but it is a great though experiment to keep in mind. I do believe it helps me take great care in how I view my things and my home now.

This is the journey that I love to take my clients on and I plan to add more celebration to the process with upcoming projects this month. I have noticed that I look forward to holding parties and celebrations in my home. It is something that I grew up with- dinner parties, birthday parties, holidays. We always took great care with the china, silver, glassware, tablecloths and preparing special dishes. I think that there is a lost art in taking care when entertaining others in our homes. So many dining tables are turned into cluttered offices or dining rooms are turned into abandoned places for a hodgepodge of items. I want to change the home landscape and bring back the spirit of the dining room and the living room for sharing our lives with others, for celebrating and bringing out the spirit of your prized possessions.

I began to think of this concept this past Friday because on my calendar I mark each Friday with the word “Celebration.” I feel that it’s important to honor and celebrate each week and the awesome things that happened that week. The more that we focus on the positive in our lives and celebrate it, the more positive things will come about- I truly believe this in my whole heart.

From now on as I work to clear, organize and design rooms for clients and also continue to refine my own home I am focusing on helping myself and others truly celebrate the spirit of everything in our homes and how we can celebrate that and share it with others in our lives.

I will keep sharing more ideas with celebration in the coming weeks as the concepts come into my mind. Make sure to celebrate this week! Mark it on your calendar! If you used your dining table, celebrate! If you cleared a space on the counter, celebrate! It’s the small things and the big things, it’s everything!

With lots of love,


Everything Comes with a Contract


Just imagine that every time you brought anything into your home, it came with a detailed contract that you would need to review and sign, promising to take care of the item, find a place for it and look after it for as long as it remained useful to you. We don’t tend to think of it, but every item we own has an invisible contract attached to it. Contracts would be attached to everything from a toaster to a new bath towel.

Such a contract might read:

-You must promise to keep me clean, and in working order.

-You must promise to repair me immediately.

-You must find a proper storage space for me.

-You must make sure to replace me when I wear out, and give me away or dispose of me properly.

When we really think about it, the more items we own, the more contracts like these we are actually signing and agreeing to. When we decide to de-clutter and clear our homes of items that we can no longer hold contracts on, it frees us up so much and creates more peace in our lives.

Imagine if you could have a conversation with an item on a crowded garage shelf:

Fancy Tart Pan: You know, I have sat here for 5 years, all dusty and you haven’t made a single tart with me.

You: Yes, I understand. I just don’t bake much anymore, and when I do, it’s simple items. How about I give you away to a new home where you’ll be better cared for.

Fancy Tart Pan: That sounds much better. Maybe they can actually keep up with my contract.

Yes, that tart pan can be quite demanding, right? If we can imagine the contracts and the conversations our things would have with each other, this would be how it would go. When we let go of items and realize that they will find good homes with others who can use them, we can free up our space and free up our lives from the worry of upkeep and looking after so many things.

And yes, I will give away that tart pan today that is in my garage.

With lots of love,


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