Your Sources of Joy


Allowing is a really amazing word. When we allow ourselves to feel joy, to find the good in life, to find the good in lessons that we are being taught every day through our actions we can feel true bliss. What are your sources of joy? They can be the simple pleasures in life and they can also be big milestones of achievement. I believe every source of joy is valid and worth spending time reflecting on. Here are a few of my sources of joy.

  1. Family

  2. Friendships

  3. Creativity

  4. Food

  5. Baking

  6. Reading

  7. Spirituality/Universe

  8. Nature

  9. Travel

  10. Tea/Coffee

I will elaborate more on these in a later post, but first I would love to hear your list of 10 sources of joy. What are they? I would love to know! Please comment below or send me an email at:

Thank you!

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The Path to Joy


The photo of the path above reminds me of the many paths we would go down growing up. We were so blessed to have lived out in the country with lots of areas to roam around in. Along the path we would often need to clear away branches or most often brambles or blackberry vines. That’s what I loved about those days of wandering through the forest. There was always something new to see, to discover and along the way you would gently clear away anything in your way. I know that this is a key to our lives as we go along the path to joy. The path is not laid out in front of you perfectly, there are obstacles to clear away, but just as in this photo, there are always bits of light, bits of joy peaking through.

This is the reason why I am creating materials for a program that I call The Path to Joy. I will run this program through Patreon with materials, workbooks, videos and more on a regular basis that you can subscribe to. If you would like to hear more, you can sign up to get updates on what is available to help you navigate your path to joy here:

I am so excited to work on creating this program. Many of the materials will be out by mid-late January, 2019. I look forward to personally helping you clear your path to joy in many ways!

With lots of love,


10 Triumphs of 2018!


This fabulous year of 2018 is coming to an end and there are so many things to look forward to next year. However, I want to take a moment to reflect on the top 10 triumphs and wonderful things that happened in my life 2018. Through this my hope is that you will share your triumphs with all of us as well. Many times at the end of the year we can get caught up in thoughts about what didn’t go well and how we are so ready for the next year to come. It is great to have things to look forward to, but at the same time, let’s take a moment to bask in the things that did bring us so much joy in 2018.

  1. Going to the 3 Michelin Star Restaurant: Alinea in Chicago in June of 2018:

    This is definitely my #1 highlight of the year. I was seriously in awe of this experience and at many points during the meal I looked around and it seemed as if it was a dream. Many months before coming to Alinea with my husband, sister in law and one of our friends from Chicago I saw an episode of Chef’s Table that featured Alinea. It seemed like one of the most magical restaurants I had ever seen! Everything was thrilling, surprising, delicious and quite a theater show. Shortly after our first course we even got to go into the kitchen. I remember the moment where I looked around and I actually saw the chef that was featured on the show I watched. For a few moments I could not hear anything that anyone was saying because I was so entranced by that moment. That is a night I will never forget. I am so very grateful for my husband for making this dream come true by stalking the website until we could make a reservation! Now we talk about other 3 star restaurants we want to try!

  2. Riding on the Millennium Wheel in Chicago in June of 2018:

    Because I am pretty afraid of heights I had never ridden a Ferris wheel before this year. When our son Adam saw it he was so excited! He loves heights and loves rides too. He really wanted both my husband and I to ride it with him. Even right before getting in line I was so nervous. I considered not going on it. But, I didn’t want to disappoint him. I am so glad that I let myself have this experience. It was amazing to see the beautiful views of Chicago from the ride and my son was so delighted at the same time. Since then I had a vivid dream about going on the London Eye in 2020, so another experience yet to come for me!

  3. Working in a Coffee Shop for 4 months, 6 days a week:

Although in the end it was a mixed experience, I am glad that I gave myself the chance to work in a cafe/restaurant setting for a long period of time so that I could experience it for myself. I worked crazy long hours producing all of the pastries, quiche and Saturday brunch items for the coffee shop. It gave me the experience of doing something very new and very different for the first time. It opened up my eyes to the responsibilities of owning a place. I was not the owner, but I was there so much that I could really see what it took to run a place like that. I could see the positives of it and also the drawbacks. It was a great learning experience for me and I am very grateful for that.

4. Ending a nearly 2 year meal service business with the platform Josephine:

From January till the end of March I finished nearly 2 years of providing a gluten free meal service to lots of clients. It was a great experience to have seen a platform work through lots of issues but do it with amazing grace and care for everyone involved. I met many wonderful people both locally and from other areas and I grew as a chef and as a person. I really did love the 2 nights a week when clients came for meals at my home. It was a lovely experience to serve them.

5. Going Through Two Major De-clutterings of our Home:

I had a very interesting experience this year with our home. At one point either this year or last I felt like I really wanted to move to a different kind of home with more land and other features. However, I decided in all of that to embark on a de-cluttering mission. I went through each and every area of our home, gave away many items and was able to get so much in order. Then, I did the same thing again after the closing of the coffee shop. Now, as December is here and there is so much in “flux” as far as stuff goes I feel another wave of de-cluttering beginning. I believe that clearing the path for success begins by removing any physical items that do not serve you in your life anymore. It is a symbol of becoming more of who you really are. I believe it is a flowing process. I have learned that it must be done not once, but many times in a year because when you have a full, rich life with family- stuff accumulates. :)

6. Spending Every Wednesday Afternoon with my son for Special Snack Day:

There is a very special tradition that I have with my son that we have kept for at least 2-3 years and that is Wednesday: Special Snack Day. On that day after school we go to a different restaurant, or sometimes to one of our favorites, get some food and drinks and have a fun chat together. It’s our special time together and I really treasure it so much. Usually, we will do a “story” which means that we will dialogue out loud like we are different characters in a story. It is such fun and I just love my son’s imagination!

7. Finding a Wonderful Accountability Partner:

I knew my fantastic accountability partner from the U.K. last year, as we were in different Facebook groups for business together, but this was the year that we decided to have weekly Skype calls every Friday to check in on our progress on projects as well as short daily check ins on Whatsapp. It has been amazing the progress we have both made in different areas. I am so thankful for her! Let me introduce you to her- She is Harriet Morris and she has an amazing podcast called The Eating Coach. You can learn more about her podcast here:

8. Enjoying Food Adventures with my Husband and Son:

I just love that my husband and son are always up for a good food adventure! When a big lot of food carts opened up in our area in the first week or so we went several times to try out all of the food. It is so much fun! There is still more to explore and to see in the world of food in our town and neighboring towns and cities. We always look forward to trying more!

9. Enjoying Time with Family and Friends:

I am so very grateful that I make it a priority to spend time with friends and family. I am so happy to mark on my calendar dates for coffee, breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch and more! I feel that social connection time is extremely valuable to me and I really treasure every moment of it. I look forward to all of those beautiful social connections over meals, coffee and tea to continue next year and in the many, many years to come. Here’s to friendships!

10. Finding a Great Baking Job at Our Table Cooperative Farm:

I feel so very lucky that one of my dear friends found a great job ad for a baker at a farm! It is a dream job for sure! I just love that I get to work in a kitchen with other chefs and sous chefs/kitchen helpers. It is great to collaborate on projects, catering and more! It is also so beautiful to see the farm thriving, growing and also supporting people in a very meaningful way.

I would love to hear about your amazing moments of 2018! Please comment below or email me at:

Changing Your Story


Sometimes in life when you start over after a big change you actually have to make more changes to your life. That can be really frightening to do. So often we want to return to comfort, to familiarity, to what we know for sure. However, in the journey of life it is precisely when we want to return to comfort that we must choose a rockier trail. We must choose to do some challenging things, branch out and explore some other paths. This is the only way to growth, both personally, in our community and in our world as a whole. This is where I find myself today. I am really enjoying the creativity of getting back into baking and I have a couple of major events planned that take me way out of my comfort zone. On the other hand, I still feel like I need to “shake things up,” challenge myself in new and different ways, find other income streams in my business and learn to serve others in new and different ways. In this post I’m going to answer my own questions on this journey and I’d love to hear back from you. What changes are you making? How are you changing and editing your own story?

Who do I want to be?

In my life I want to become someone who gives lots of value to the community by sharing my talents and knowledge to benefit others. I want to be of service by working on volunteer projects, teaching workshops and sharing my journey here on the blog as well as in videos so that others may find comfort in the path they are on and share with me and each other. Maybe there is someone I can help with my story so that they don’t feel so alone. I also want to be a financially abundant person so that I can travel with my family and also enjoy all kinds of amazing foods around the world.

What do I want to do & How am I making that happen?

Wow! There are so many things that I want to do. The activities that we do really shape who we are and who we want to become. Not only do I want to bake custom desserts and create works of art with food, I want to help others with goal setting and vision boards and other processes that have helped me. I am accomplishing this by joining TEAM Beaverton, a group for home-based and micro-businesses: at the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce and I will be teaching those workshops to others.

I want to be of service by joining the local Rotary Club: and helping with their community projects. I am doing this by meeting with the club about membership and joining the club. I am excited to help with all of the projects coming up for the holiday season and beyond.

The other way I am being of service is setting up volunteer work with Feed the Mass. They teach local cooking classes and are a non-profit: First, I’ll help out with a class, then create some of my own and teach the classes in their downtown Portland location.

I want to become a custom baker and specialize in custom ice cream cakes and meringue desserts and showpieces. I am doing this by practicing each week different ideas that I have, tasting them, giving out samples and posting the photos on social media. I am so thrilled that my first creation got a great response so I know I am on the way.

I also want to use my writing/video skills to create some workshops, online products that will help others and in turn will help me have more income streams in my business.

What value do I want to add to the world?

Both on the path of custom baked goods and with helping others on their journey of growth, change and abundance in business, I want to add the value of positivity and light. There are ups and downs to life and sometimes life’s signals can be very confusing. I want to be open and honest with others, share what I am going through and what I have been through in the past so that they can in turn open up and share too. When we don’t share our stories with the world it is not just us who lose out, it is others because maybe something you share could help someone else going through the same thing.

To start doing this I am committing to regularly publishing blog posts once a week on Monday mornings. Also, very soon I will be starting a 30 day video challenge to share stories and hopefully help others in their journeys.

What legacy do I want to leave?

I want to leave behind lots of information in the form of blogs, videos and more that can help others to not feel alone in their journey, know that they matter, that they have something to contribute and that the world is a richer place because they are sharing their heart.

Who am I in my daily life?

I have embarked on a lot of projects and habit changes as of late because I want to change my story both inside and out.

Neat and Orderly:

In my daily life I want to be someone who is organized, neat and orderly. Because of this I decided I would tackle the garage and make sure that only things that we use are on the shelves, that everything fits on the shelves and is in a spot where it is most accessible. To accomplish this almost every morning for several weeks I have been de-cluttering for at least 15-30 minutes. Most of the time it was in the garage but I also de-cluttered the front closet, my own closet and drawers, kitchen drawers and cabinets and more. Now, the garage is almost finished! It feels good to actually go in there and be able to find things again. Another part of my change to daily life is to get a handle on my enormous ironing pile. Again, I worked on that for a few minutes a day for quite a while and as of yesterday I finally finished ironing over 90 pieces of clothing, tablecloths, etc. Now, my ironing drawer is actually empty! However, de-cluttering and ironing will still be on my daily “watch” list so if there is any to do it goes on my daily schedule to take care of that.

Financial Abundance/Awareness:

Lately I have also committed to staying on top of my accounting and budgeting in my business. It is not something that I really enjoy doing, but I realize I must do this daily so that I am very aware of the numbers and how things are going. It is important to really prioritize what to spend money on in my business, especially right now when I am starting over and resources will be coming in very soon. So, I do a few minutes of money work each morning by checking my business account, entering in receipts/payments, budgeting or prioritizing money to spend on upcoming events. This has really brought me peace of mind because I can be aware daily of the finances of my business. I will become financially abundant by finding more ways to make money in my business.

Exercise Habit:

I am part of a great accountability group on Facebook where we post about the exercise that we do each day. This has been a great help in re-establishing my exercise habits. On days that I either go to the gym or exercise at home on the elliptical are days that I have more focus and energy, so I know it is vital to my journey. I also feel better health-wise when I get regular exercise. I am so grateful to have begun this habit.

Monthly Goals/Projects:

A great friend of mine and I have started working on keeping each other accountable weekly and also sometimes daily for our goals that we set for September, October and November. Once that process wraps up we can set new project goals and perhaps some habit goals. I have 1 goal for each month that is project-based and then 4 habit goals: exercise, de-cluttering, ironing and money work. The exercise and money work will always continue, but the de-cluttering and ironing work as I said before will be a case of “awareness” if they need to be dealt with that day or not. My September goal is to finish the relaunch of my business which is nearly complete. Then, my October goal is to prepare for the Gluten Free Food and Allergy Fest in November. My November goal is to increase my business income. I’m excited to say that I’ve made progress on these 3 goals due to the daily/weekly check ins with my friend!

How does my outside appearance effect my feelings/outlook?

After de-cluttering my clothes this season, I realize that there are certain clothes that just don’t bring me joy. Those are jeans and other types of cotton pants that are not leggings or those types of comfortable pants. I really am more of a formal-dresser than a sporty type, but I always felt like I “should” wear certain things because most people wear them. I could never really find jeans that I really loved to wear no matter what kind they were or how they fit. In that spirit, I have asked for clothes for my birthday so I will be shopping to add to my wardrobe and really change my closet to one that brings me joy through dresses, skirts, leggings and tops I really love. There are still pieces that bring me joy that I now have, so I don’t have to start over completely, I am just becoming more aware of how the clothes make me feel and how I am able to show up in the world because of that.

What changes can I make?

I have already started to make changes by working on getting out into the community more, create more events, work on my custom baking more, becoming a more orderly person and the list goes on. :) However, I believe that change is a very good thing for all of us. I will continue to make changes and I welcome any suggestions on changes I can make for the better. Please comment below with any ideas you may have.

I will be starting my video challenge to get me moving again with sharing more with people, but I welcome other ideas as well.

I focus a lot on giving and charity work which is fantastic and I want to continue to do that, but I also have to focus on making money in my business as well so that I can do more work with my family as well as meet my personal goals of travel, self care and more!

I am learning that it is ok to make money. It is a flow of abundance from me to others and from others to me. I love to give of myself, and I also love to receive. I allow myself to receive abundance from others because I am putting out a lot of value into the world. I am so grateful for what is coming my way! :) One change I can make in this area is to balance my charity work with my money-making work. I am joining forces with community organizations that will help me help others in my area. Then, I can spend my other time working on products and services that provide value that I am paid for.

How can I learn and grow?

I believe that in order to have a wonderful story and to change it, we all need to be constantly learning and growing as human beings. I will continue to seek out books, videos and other materials that stretch my thinking and my actions as well as my spirit. I will also be aware of my self care and my time off. Those are also great parts of learning and growing, giving back to ourselves as well and honoring that we are special too.

I welcome any feedback on this post and would love to hear how you are changing, learning, growing or needing a change in your personal story. I’d love to hear from you! You can comment here, or leave me an email at:

With love,


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