Inclusion: Everyone is on our team!

Inclusion: everyone is on our team!

This post is the second in a series of posts I will share with you all about my journey to create an amazing community cafe! 

To me, inclusion is very important. It is just like the cranberry sauce pictured above. Without including all of the elements it's not the same. If I left out the fresh ginger it wouldn't have the same taste. It's the same with building a team for a cafe, a business  or a sports team. Without everyone's special abilities you don't have a special sauce. 

I believe that everyone has very unique abilities that nobody else has. That is why it is so important to me to start thinking about building my team with everyone in the community in mind. That means people of diverse backgrounds and people who have physical or mental disabilities can add a very unique and valuable element to the cafe that I envision. 

I'd love to share with you what I wrote about this during a day-long brainstorming session this week: 

Having a diverse/inclusive team is very important to me! 

Inclusion means believing that everyone has something unique and special to offer. 

Here is what I want: 

  • I want to provide benefits to all employees.
  • I want to include people with diverse backgrounds and diverse abilities on our team. 
  • I want to have a mentor program, matching mentor + employee (one on one coaching). 
  • I want to have monthly workshops for employees to improve their skills and learn more. 
  • I want to make sure that there is a positive, encouraging environment for the employees as well as the customers. 
  • I want to make sure that there is a profit-sharing opportunity for all employees.

I would love to hear from you on what you think of these items on my team wish list. I have a vision that this will work very well & am very excited about it! 

Thank you so much for sharing in my journey with me! 

Building a Dream

Building a Dream: My Cafe

I apologize for the delay in this new blog post. I usually try to post once a week, but now with many more meal service clients I don't always have the time to work in the kitchen to come up with brand new recipes. I am so very grateful for my abundance though! I am so thrilled to be so very busy cooking and preparing meals for clients. It brings me great joy! 

I wanted to share with you this very special project that I am working on. It is a long term project, a dream of mine that is taking shape, day by day. Dreams come in visions, baby steps, emails, phone calls, vision boards, trial and error, connections, conversations, meditations & more. 

Today I took the day to outline my dream in great detail and also make a vision board about it. 

Here are a few details that are important to my vision. I outlined many thing in my notebook today, but these points are the most powerful that I want to share with you. My "why" for this cafe is not about the food, baked goods or coffee, it is about community. 

Community & Inclusion: 

When I thought about what community and inclusion, these things came to mind: 

What community means to me is that we truly listen to each other without judgement to find common ground. We are all connected on Earth in ways that are amazing to imagine. All of the choices that we make are important and make a difference. I believe that if we can truly get to know those around us we can see that we ALL have some things in common as human beings: 

-to be seen

-to be heard

-to matter

-to find happiness

-to know our value

-to understand our special gifts

-to leave a legacy

-to experience joy

-to give back

These are things that we all feel in our lives. What does community and inclusion mean to you? I'll be writing several posts on this topic and hopefully sprinkle in some recipes as well. 

I wish you joy today,