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Locally Delicious!

Locally Delicious!

This post is one in a multi-part series on my blog where I share my thoughts along my journey of opening a local cafe. Today's blog is about getting to know and finding local providers of delicious foods for my cafe. 

Here in Oregon we are so fortunate to have such a bounty of local produce and local providers of fabulous food. That is why one of my projects with opening this cafe is that it will support many local growers and producers of amazing products. I already use the best gluten free flours from Bob's Red Mill that is locally owned and employee owned which is amazing!  Here are some of the local providers I will be on the lookout for: 

  • Local coffee roaster
  • Mountain Rose Teas from Eugene Oregon (back when we had a farmer's market stand we used to serve these delicious teas) 
  • Honey
  • Bob's Red Mill flours
  • Produce
  • Fruit
  • Local meat/butcher
  • Herbs and Veggies from our kitchen garden

Do you know any local producers of amazing produce and food products? I would love to know about them! What local products do you love? 

Feel free to comment below or send me an email at:

With lots of care,


A Meeting Place

A meeting place

This is another blog post in a many part series about my dream cafe. I am working every week on making this dream a reality here in my community and I know that this is going to be an amazing place. That is why I want to share all of the details with you! Please let me know the thoughts you have on this.

Today's post is about the type of meeting place I want the cafe to be. Also, I will share the features of the cafe. Community is the core of my cafe so I plan to host lots of events there and also have space where others can host events of their own. 

 Here are my thoughts on that: 


  • There will be a meeting room with a TV/projection area for anyone to reserve ahead of time. It will be free of charge but most be reserved. People in the meeting space may order coffee, pastries or food to be brought to the meeting room. 
  • There will be a monthly "meet your neighbor" event held at the cafe where some of the coffee/treats will be provided by us. This will foster communication in the community. 
  • Events: In the main house there will be a special sit-down tea event each month. Customers can buy tickets to this event. 

I'd love to hear more ideas on events at the cafe. I also envision gardening classes & other classes that could be held in the meeting room for all to enjoy. 

 Features of the café- types of food served, the bakery, coffee bar, hours, meetings & events.

Full Kitchen:

The kitchen will serve breakfast and lunch. Healthy comfort food and local ingredients. I will serve many of the same popular menu items that I serve now to clients: tamales, pot pies, beef stew, enchiladas & more! There will be paleo, vegetarian and vegan options. The kitchen will be gluten free.


The bakery will be open until 7pm for special order pick-ups, coffee & pastries in the early evening. Some of the items the bakery will serve:

·         Paleo granola

·         Scones

·         Pastries

·         Cookies

·         Bread

·         Cakes

·         Pies

·         Fudge

·         Special orders


Coffee Bar:

The coffee bar will have espresso drinks and specialty teas by the cup or pot. It will be open early so people can enjoy pastries/breakfast with their drinks.


The café will be open from 6am to 3pm to serve breakfast and lunch. The coffee bar will be open along with the bakery until 7pm.


There will be a meeting room with a TV for anyone to reserve ahead of time. There will be a monthly “meet your neighbor” event sponsored by the café. In the main house there will be a special sit down tea event each month. This is community seating at one large table. Reservation only and monthly themes.

Thank you so much! 

With lots of care,


Planning Ahead

download (4).jpg

In this post I want to share with you one of the habits I am building so that I can ultimately make my dream of owning and running a local cafe and a foundation a reality. I have always been a planner. I am not sure where exactly that comes from but I absolutely love planning, calendars and notebooks! I believe it really makes a difference, especially when you are working on a very big & long term goal. 

From now on I have decided that I will leave at least one day a month on my calendar especially for planning ahead to the next month or coming months. This is so helpful. Not only does it create space for creating a vision and dreaming, it also gives me a chance to look into what is working and what is not and make adjustments. I believe that just because I plan fairly far in advance, it doesn't mean that I can't make any changes based on feedback that I have gotten moving forward. I think that it's important to "have a date" with ourselves once a month to look at the calendar, look at our goals, look at the successes and what is not working and make changes. 

I encourage you to make your planning day special, fun, creative and engaging so that you will really look forward to it! 

Here's an example of a planning day that I had recently and I what I did: 

Before you set aside a day for your planning, take into account that even if you don't have a whole entire day that you can dedicate to planning, it is ok.  Even if you can only just set aside 1-2 hours in your month to do this, it will make a big difference. You could even plan several planning time slots during the 1st week of the month if that works for you. 

1. Dreaming Session: This is a wonderful start to your planning day. Take a few minutes to think about what a very successful year or month looks like to you. Imagine how you would feel. Jot down how that would feel to you and what that looks like to you: does it mean earning more? Does it mean having more free time? Take time to explore this fully. 

Example: One thing that I did during this session was plan out my earnings projections for 2018 and broke it down into how I was going to earn that money. It is a very useful exercise. 

2. 10 Ideas: Write down 10 ideas on how to bring in more money or work more on your goal. This is very useful because if you force yourself to get to 10, you will find at least 1-2 or more good ideas in the list that you can implement. 

Example: I wrote down 10 ideas for making more money and I chose the best ones to put on my list/calendar. 

3. Calendar it! Get or print out calendar pages that you can fill out with your ideas from step #2. I find this so useful because you are starting to make these ideas a reality once you get them on the calendar. You have set aside time for your success! 

Example: I decided to have an open house for clients and friends to invite their friends to see how my meal service works. It is on my calendar for January and it is also posted on It is now a reality! 

4. Listen to the small voices: There may be times that you think of goals or ideas outside of your planning session. If these ideas pop into your head often, it is time to take serious action on them. Write them down somewhere to come back to. 

Example: Lately I had the idea of getting back to an exercise routine. I thought about something I enjoyed doing many, many years ago along with my brother. We used to go to a local gym and do weight training together. I really felt successful, felt more energy and felt my healthiest during that time. I really loved it! So, I have now decided that this month I will begin investigating gyms/trainers/sessions to get back into this activity that I really enjoyed a long time ago and make it a reality by January, 2018. 

These are just 4 quick ideas on how you can plan ahead in your life/business and make more dreams come true! It really is much easier than we think sometimes. 

I hope that this post was helpful to you! 

With lots of care,


A Positive Place

A positive place

This is another blog post in a series about building my dream cafe. I am part way through this journey as I envision, plan and dream as well as meet with others about this dream place. In my heart I trust this vision. I will do the work necessary to make it come true, but I trust the universe to take care of some of the details. 

As I took a "dream day" to write down all of my thoughts about the cafe that had been rattling around in my head for a long time, I thought about not only the look of the cafe but the environment and the messages that surround the clients and the team members working there. Out and about sometimes I see people that look sad, dejected or negative. I feel like they are under so much stress. What if there were somewhere they could go to nourish their souls, to have a smile on their face for at least part of the day? That is what I want to build. I want to see more smiles and positivity! 

I also encourage you to schedule a "dream day" to envision what your dream looks like and write about it, draw it, paint it! Schedule a day after the holidays or the beginning of January to start to make your dreams come true! 

Here is how I envision the cafe looking and the exact messages that we will incorporate into the design to make it a positive environment: 

Look of the cafe: 

Warm, inviting cottage space. This cafe feels like a home away from home. The look mixes modern lines with traditional flourishes like lace tablecloths. Modern Swedish + Grandma's House. 

Furniture: Modern wood tables and chairs adorned with antique linens. Some large chairs and sofas to relax in, especially around the bakery area. 

Colors: Natural light wood tones such as maple and Oregon ash+ hot pink and gold accents. 

Wall Art: Modern prints in ornate gold painted frames. Art is graphic, bold, positive message: 

"Keep Postive" 

"Smile: You are Amazing"

"Miracles Are Happening"

"We are all Connected"

What does a positive & inviting space look like to you? 

I'd love to hear from you! 

With lots of care,