She is Me


I have recently discovered a way at looking at life that is so very powerful. It takes lots of trust in life to develop, however it is such an amazing lens to look at life through.

I have done lots of personal growth work over the past few years and I learn so much from books, podcasts, other people and just thinking about concepts in my mind. It is natural thing as a human being to feel separate from others, to feel that we aren’t connected and to wonder why someone has more success than you do, or more resources than you do. That is a very natural feeling that creeps up for us many times. I think it is even more prevalent with social media because we can constantly see others there, see what they have and what they are doing and compare ourselves to them.

There is a new way I have begun to think about this. Although I do not have a science degree or a science background, I am fascinated by things like quantum physics that seems to defy the way that we experience the world. Because of this, I do believe that we are more interconnected than we can grasp at this moment. I also believe that there could be different universes or time loops that we just aren’t aware of that if we were, we would understand how connected we really are and how our actions and thoughts effect outcomes and other people.

The other day while I was pondering such possibilities, I thought of the phrase “She is me.” This means that when I see someone that has achieved something that I want to achieve or has something I want to have, that can be another version of me on a different timeline. In this way, I am bringing what she has into my field of possibility. That means that I can have those things too and I can be those things too if I so choose. It is all possible. It is all out there for us.

This way of looking at the world and looking at others is so exciting because you can truly see yourself in others and see what can happen for you in this lifetime or possibly the next.

Whenever I meet someone that has had success in way that I am striving for, I am confident in the fact that they are showing me that universe in which she is me and I am her. Perhaps I am showing her a possibility for herself as well. There are no losses and only gains in this way of thinking.

I would love to know what you are striving for and how you have seen what you’d like in others. What if she is you? What if you are her?

You can also look at a person who is struggling in a way you used to struggle in the same way. You can see that the situation will be temporary for them just as it was for you. If you know them you can reach out and provide support to them. The more we are creating win-win situations, the more we win and the more others win! I just love this way of thinking about the world.

It is actually fantastic that we are still searching for answers on how the world works because it means that the possibilities are really limitless as to how we can go along on our path.

With lots of love,


You are more than enough


The other day I was thinking of the phrase that if often heard in personal growth/personal development circles: “You are enough.” I think that although that phrase is a good one, I know that we can take it one step further. We can say with certainty: “You are more than enough.” We come from stars, so we are limitless.

I have always been in love with space, stars and galaxies. I love the unlimited potential, the shine, the glitter and the light that stars in the sky represent. Although it wasn’t my area of study in college I love to learn about space, physics and science on my own time. I have heard so many times how we are made up of the material of stars in so many different ways. I feel that this is a perfect way to look at ourselves that will help us to reach new levels of light in our lives.

Because of this we are more than enough because:

  • we are meant to shine bright

  • we are meant to share our unique talents

  • we are meant to show life that we can do anything

  • we are meant to live in our light every day

  • we are meant to use our infinite power to create love and light

  • we are meant to live in the possibility space

  • we are meant to draw upon our amazing strength

Sometimes we are down and don’t realize that the brilliant light is always on inside us, it is limitless and so are we. I believe that when we focus on something, it expands. During the life of a star, it expands as well. There are many stages of a star’s development, much like ours. There are times of expansion, times of explosions and times of cooling. However, we can remember that we are always a star in any stage, just like a star in space. At the very core, we are still shining.

In what ways are you shining this week? In what ways are you expanding? If you are at a time of explosion you are like a super nova that will shine very bright after that. In this way, low times for us can be a time of rest and a time of contemplation just before a big explosion of opportunity and good fortune. This is a great way to look at our lives because at the core we are always there, we are slowly changing and evolving but the core of our shining light is more than enough to help us light the way on our path.

I’d love to hear from you on how you are more than enough today.

With lots of love,


Celebrate Your Home!


When was the last time you really celebrated your home? For some of us that was last week and for others last year or a few years ago.

Something amazing that I learned while in Japan this summer as that they believe that spirit can be in any object or anything in nature. Because of this the Japanese people treat nature and their homes with lots of care and attention to detail. We noticed that people didn’t leave trash around, and although it’s a very populated area they left a lot of forest and green spaces to be enjoyed.

This can teach us all a powerful lesson. If spirit is in everything, if there is too much clutter covering everything in your home is the spirit trapped? Does it long to come out free, to celebrate? This is a very different concept here in the Western world, but it is a great though experiment to keep in mind. I do believe it helps me take great care in how I view my things and my home now.

This is the journey that I love to take my clients on and I plan to add more celebration to the process with upcoming projects this month. I have noticed that I look forward to holding parties and celebrations in my home. It is something that I grew up with- dinner parties, birthday parties, holidays. We always took great care with the china, silver, glassware, tablecloths and preparing special dishes. I think that there is a lost art in taking care when entertaining others in our homes. So many dining tables are turned into cluttered offices or dining rooms are turned into abandoned places for a hodgepodge of items. I want to change the home landscape and bring back the spirit of the dining room and the living room for sharing our lives with others, for celebrating and bringing out the spirit of your prized possessions.

I began to think of this concept this past Friday because on my calendar I mark each Friday with the word “Celebration.” I feel that it’s important to honor and celebrate each week and the awesome things that happened that week. The more that we focus on the positive in our lives and celebrate it, the more positive things will come about- I truly believe this in my whole heart.

From now on as I work to clear, organize and design rooms for clients and also continue to refine my own home I am focusing on helping myself and others truly celebrate the spirit of everything in our homes and how we can celebrate that and share it with others in our lives.

I will keep sharing more ideas with celebration in the coming weeks as the concepts come into my mind. Make sure to celebrate this week! Mark it on your calendar! If you used your dining table, celebrate! If you cleared a space on the counter, celebrate! It’s the small things and the big things, it’s everything!

With lots of love,


Personal Growth Interview: Keri

I love Keri’s coffee. She expertly roasts her coffee with care and you can taste it in every cup. I start every weekday by making her coffee into a cappuccino and writing in my journal. It’s a great way to start my morning!

I love Keri’s coffee. She expertly roasts her coffee with care and you can taste it in every cup. I start every weekday by making her coffee into a cappuccino and writing in my journal. It’s a great way to start my morning!

This is my 1st interview with a mom-owned business owner in a series of interviews I will be doing on personal growth. It was super fun to sit down for coffee with the amazing Keri Elliott! She is a fabulous coffee roaster and I just met her a bit ago through the MOB (Mom Owned Business) group here in Beaverton, Oregon. My first impression of Keri was awesome when I met her at one of the meetups. I knew I had to talk to her because she was passionate about coffee and all that she does. I admire her for having the courage to step into creating her own coffee roasting company.

Keri started her business just this year and she has grown so much since then. I had the honor of asking her a few questions about her experiences. Here’s my interview with her:

What’s awesome right now?

Meeting someone like you (so sweet!) Gaining momentum and meeting people in the MOB.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Trying to do everything all at once- book-keeping, roasting and more! If I would be able to clone myself, that would be great. That’s what a startup is like.

What advice would you give to someone deciding to start out in business/a new venture?

Research and practice. I started with a cheap $6 air popper. Start small. Learn and embrace the process. Really educate yourself. Learn the behavior of the beans and how they roast. Take everything day by day.

Who is your best support?

Family and friends are my biggest support & my co-workers. People that care about me are going to support me the most.

If you feel fear, how do you step past it?

When I put my mind to something, I go full force. There can be a person that can say “you can’t”, I take the “I can’t” into “I can” and turn it into something. You have to say “F-it” and keep going and doing what you do best.

What’s the scariest growth step you’ve taken so far?

Stepping out of my comfort zone. In order for you to know that you’re growing, you have to get out of your comfort zone. At my first MOB meetup I got this vibe that there’s a special group of women here. You have to make that move and you may rise or fall but you at least have the experience to look back on it.

Why did you decide to invest in yourself?

It was time for me to do something, because it got to a point in which I was investing in everyone else- my family and others. I knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit. I knew I wanted to do something with coffee. I’m at a point where it’s time to follow my dream and follow my passion.