Celebrate Your Home!


When was the last time you really celebrated your home? For some of us that was last week and for others last year or a few years ago.

Something amazing that I learned while in Japan this summer as that they believe that spirit can be in any object or anything in nature. Because of this the Japanese people treat nature and their homes with lots of care and attention to detail. We noticed that people didn’t leave trash around, and although it’s a very populated area they left a lot of forest and green spaces to be enjoyed.

This can teach us all a powerful lesson. If spirit is in everything, if there is too much clutter covering everything in your home is the spirit trapped? Does it long to come out free, to celebrate? This is a very different concept here in the Western world, but it is a great though experiment to keep in mind. I do believe it helps me take great care in how I view my things and my home now.

This is the journey that I love to take my clients on and I plan to add more celebration to the process with upcoming projects this month. I have noticed that I look forward to holding parties and celebrations in my home. It is something that I grew up with- dinner parties, birthday parties, holidays. We always took great care with the china, silver, glassware, tablecloths and preparing special dishes. I think that there is a lost art in taking care when entertaining others in our homes. So many dining tables are turned into cluttered offices or dining rooms are turned into abandoned places for a hodgepodge of items. I want to change the home landscape and bring back the spirit of the dining room and the living room for sharing our lives with others, for celebrating and bringing out the spirit of your prized possessions.

I began to think of this concept this past Friday because on my calendar I mark each Friday with the word “Celebration.” I feel that it’s important to honor and celebrate each week and the awesome things that happened that week. The more that we focus on the positive in our lives and celebrate it, the more positive things will come about- I truly believe this in my whole heart.

From now on as I work to clear, organize and design rooms for clients and also continue to refine my own home I am focusing on helping myself and others truly celebrate the spirit of everything in our homes and how we can celebrate that and share it with others in our lives.

I will keep sharing more ideas with celebration in the coming weeks as the concepts come into my mind. Make sure to celebrate this week! Mark it on your calendar! If you used your dining table, celebrate! If you cleared a space on the counter, celebrate! It’s the small things and the big things, it’s everything!

With lots of love,


Clearing Your Path


This whole month of September my intention has been one of clearing, growth and learning. When you are on the path to something big, lots of things that are in your way need to be cleared away. Those things are not just physical items blocking your path to growth and change, (although that’s what I help clients and myself with all of the time), they can also be in the form of:

  • digital obstacles

  • old accounts

  • old mindsets

  • old paperwork

  • old intentions

  • online clutter

  • lack of accountability/mindfulness

  • groups that aren’t working for you

This past week was a major clearing week. It can feel wonderful once the process is over, but during the process it can be daunting and scary to your mind at times. When we truly face our things whether they are physical items, digital items or things we are doing or have promised others we come up against growing pains. It is like we are starting to become a new person, clearing away the layers and learning where to walk on our new path.

Here are the items that I cleared away or started on last week (sometimes clearing can be starting something new, like if you had an intention of doing something, then finally did it, that clears away that “to do” item):

  • I let go of a group I had been in for my business for the past few months. This was a very tough choice for me because I really connected with everyone in this group. We will all stay connected, remain friends and get together sometimes, but still this was a hard choice. I had found that the focus of this group was mostly on “pop up shops” and opportunities to sell items, however I was one of the only service businesses in the group so I felt that I would be better served joining a wider group of women business owners in the area that has a mix of services and products so I could do more networking and collaborate more. It was very hard to let go of this group even though I know it was the right choice for me and my business. This feels great because I can still support my dear friends in this group!

  • I joined a new business group and went to my second meetup with that group last week. It was awesome and it cleared my path even more to my intentions because it had been on my “to do” list for so long. It felt good to take that step forward on my path. This feels awesome because I can be part of a large, successful group and we can support each other!

  • My next step forward in clearing was to open my new business account for Joyful Minimalism officially at the local credit union. I had gotten my LLC set up and my tax ID number, but I had yet to open my new account. This felt like another step forward on my path. My next step here is to clear out by closing down 2 old business accounts that I no longer use. This will really clear my path forward. It feels amazing to take ownership of my resources here!

  • Another step I took to clear my path last week was to set a clear budget, clear away any old expenses for my old business I no longer needed by canceling those accounts and set up a system for depositing certain amounts into checking and savings each time I am paid from a client. Taking clear responsibility for sticking to these rules and setting up this system feels amazing!

  • I have decided that each month I will go to at least 2 meetups with my new business groups and set up at least 1 coffee meet up with a member of that group each month. I am on track to attend at least 2 meetups this month and I have 2 coffee meetings scheduled. That feels great! This clears my path to abundance and growth!

  • To clear my path with good health I decided to visit the podiatrist last week and as a result of his advice I have set up an appointment to have a procedure done to remove both big toenails that have experienced trauma due to bumping into things and the nails have grown thick. This will put me clearly on the road to recovery with my feet and will clear my path to healthy toenails and feet once again. This clears my path to taking the best care of my feet always because my work with clients and at home for my family involves me being on my feet a lot. I am truly thankful for this step in clearing because it means I will also take a mini-vacation off of my feet in mid-October for a few days to recover and rest. This feels amazing!

  • The last item of clearing last week was to sign up for and start studying 2 certification courses from an online design school. I am studying Professional Organizing (more in depth) and also Aging in Place to help seniors live safely and happily in their own homes. This feels amazing because I will be able to further practice my craft, learn even more to help current and future clients and I will be able to help seniors in my community!

I would love to hear from you how you are clearing your path to success? I know that each person’s path differs and the obstacles differ as well. One person may have more physical clutter in their path and another may have more digital clutter or intentional clutter (items on a to-do list), however whatever you can clear from your path will help you keep taking those steps forward.

Joyful Minimalism:

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So, What Do I Want?


There are three words that we say and hear day in and day out that if we redirect them and change them, they can have a great impact on our lives. What are those words? “Don’t, Not and No.” Many times we have no idea the power that words have on shaping our lives and creating our reality. Those words limit our possibilities. They show life what we don’t want, so more of that appears for us. We need to make a major shift in the ways that we communicate to ourselves and others in our daily lives so that we may change our stories and our realities.

This is something that I learned through a podcast I found my Michael Losier who is a Canadian author and teacher. He posted a podcast with about 20 lessons a few years ago that I just happened to find recently. What I love about learning every single day is that you can take what works for you and then leave the rest. This lesson is one that really resonated for me, so I use it every day now.

I wrote on a sticky note “Don’t, Not and No.” and put a line through it. On another sticky note I wrote “So what do I want?” I see these every day when I open up my daily journal to write in. I am planning to also post them elsewhere so I see them every day. Through repetition we can change our habits and our ways of thinking which then changes our results in life. When I catch myself saying one of those three words I can ask myself: “So what do I want?” This helps so much! You can redirect your statements into what you want and not focus on what you don’t want.

Here’s an example: I recently injured both of my big toenails. The nails have become thick and I will go to see a podiatrist to see what is needed to cure these toenails and get them back to normal and healthy again. Instead of googling things about toenails and seeing photos I don’t want to see, I decided to make a Pinterest board of pretty pedicure designs and foot bath ideas for taking care of my feet. What I DO WANT is for my feet to be healthy and pretty again and to be able to go to pedicures often and learn to take very good care of my feet. I have enjoyed looking at the pretty nail designs and that is a great thing to focus on. I also have decided to look at this as an opportunity to learn how to take care of my feet and to keep them that way.

We can also use this technique to communicate what we do want from others when we are asking them to do something. Instead of saying “Don’t play your music so loud,” we can say “Play your music more softly please”, or “Can you use your headphones, please?” This is a more helpful way of stating how we would like things and is clearer as well.

Words matter much more than we think they do. There will be times when we forget this lesson, but the more we practice, the better we will become at asking ourselves what we do want, and redirecting ourselves in that direction.

A fun way to use this is when you notice that there is something that could use improving in your life, focus on it by creating collages with how you would like it to be, or make Pinterest boards for every subject that you are interested in making better in your life. A few minutes of focus a day will help your brain pay more attention to ways in which to make these improvements a reality. Soon, some opportunities will pop up! For example, I have created Pinterest boards for Europe travel that we want to do. Soon, many shows, movies and conversation points have popped up about Europe recently. It’s really so much fun to focus on what we do want in life.

I would love to know how redirecting has helped you! Please comment below or email me at: trista.signe.ainsworth@gmail.com

Joyful Minimalism:

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My Real Life Off Social Media


It has now been more than 30 days since I have been on social media other than posting a medium.com article from the medium.com site. I have not scrolled through Facebook or Instagram in more than 30 days now and I can say that I don’t plan to in the foreseeable future. I set off on this experiment to un-clutter my mind and to gain back so much time in my days. I thought that I would take 30 days off, and then go back to a different schedule with social media. The main reason I went off social media is that for the first time in my life I could see that I was really getting addicted to something. I found myself checking my phone way too often and even times when I was off my phone I was wondering what was going on Facebook or Instagram. I often took so many photos only to think about posting them. This is not to say that sharing about our lives is a bad thing, but when it overtakes your days and your time, that is the time that the addiction has taken over our lives.

I feel that I have gained so very much from being off social media:

  • Connecting personally one on one with friends and family. Whether it is through a text, message, email or phone call, it is very special now to actually just communicate one on one with a friend. I find it’s much more personal to share photos or happenings in this way.

  • Connecting more with people in person. I have always loved to get together with friends every 1-2 months in person for coffee, tea, lunch, brunch, dinner or any fun activity. It’s really an important way to connect with others and keep our friendships alive and support each other. This month I have 3 events with friends on the calendar. I’m so thrilled about this!

  • Having more time to work on projects at home. The other day I took a day off and: rearranged my son’s furniture in his room so it works better, repainted a bathroom vanity, spent time making myself a latte at home and read an interesting book.

  • Having more space in my mind to truly think about the important things in life, what I want to do for myself, my family and the world.

  • Feeling free to be myself and create the life I want to create for myself and my family.

  • Taking time to daydream and plan amazing things like travel.

  • Taking time to make recipes I have been hanging on to in books and notebooks for such a long time.

  • Actually making many of the recipes I found on Pinterest.

I feel that the benefits are so very many! So far my friends have really understood and reached out to me outside of social media and I really appreciate them for that.

I found it interesting what was said in this New Yorker article about social media. It points out that even though through social media you can remain in contact with lots more people, you are spread more thinly trying to keep up with all of them and your ties are weaker:

With social media, we can easily keep up with the lives and interests of far more than a hundred and fifty people. But without investing the face-to-face time, we lack deeper connections to them, and the time we invest in superficial relationships comes at the expense of more profound ones. We may widen our network to two, three, or four hundred people that we see as friends, not just acquaintances, but keeping up an actual friendship requires resources. “The amount of social capital you have is pretty fixed,” Dunbar said. “It involves time investment. If you garner connections with more people, you end up distributing your fixed amount of social capital more thinly so the average capital per person is lower.”

from “The Limits of Friendship” The New Yorker- by Maria Konnikova

For me personally I would rather strengthen friendships that I already have outside of social media and do more in-person networking. I have found that the type of work that I do requires a strong connection to someone, or a strong referral from someone who really knows the work that I do. I am strengthening these by getting to know people in person and really learning about them in real life. I feel that for me personally this is the life that I want to lead. I know that others really enjoy and can handle social media and it helps them remain in touch with people. I think that everyone has a different threshold, and for me I function better with one to one communication. For others, I think there is a place for social media.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you tried a few days off social media? How have you felt? I have decided to now share my thoughts through this blog only and I will share it on social media for those that find it easier to find me there.

Thank you so much for joining me here in this space.

With lots of love,


Joyful Minimalism:

If you are ready to explore your things but need support and would like to work with me one on one, feel free to reach out to me by email and I can send you a client survey and set up a call with you. I can work with local clients and long distance clients.

I have 2 consultations to choose from that help guide us to how I can best help you de-clutter your space. I also have an hourly rate after that for me to de-clutter and organize your space in a detailed manner.



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