Letting Life In


Just yesterday I decided to clear some areas in our home that I felt were cluttered and not letting good energy into our home. I believe that all areas of the home are important and meaningful, but the front of your home is the welcoming area. These areas are the front door/entryway and the coat closet.

The door and entry to your home is the first place that you see when you enter your home and the first place guests see when they are invited into your home. It is important to keep this area clean, tidy and inviting. This creates a great energy about your home and invites in more social time, more abundance and more life into your spaces.

I decided to clear away the extra planter pots and rocks that I had displayed on the front porch leading up to our door. I used to have 7 planter pots and a ceramic decorative jug on the small porch near our front door. It was starting to feel crowded, untidy and had the wrong energy about it.. This is the season that the summer flowers are waning as it is fall, and many of the plants weren’t vibrant anymore. This is why I placed these planters and rocks in the backyard until the spring when I can place them in the garden and start fresh. I found a lovely rosemary plant and some lemon thyme in two beautiful pots and brought them to the front porch to display along with the beautiful decorative jug. This not only creates a beautiful number of 3 things, which I consider lucky- it looks vibrant, alive and energetic! It gives you a great feeling as you enter the home.

The other area I decided to clear and get down to the essentials was the front closet. This is another area that guests encounter when they enter you home. In this season of rain and cold, it’s important to have an area for coats, winter gear and hats. Since I cleared the closet of anything that wasn’t essential for our use in this season (I stored items for spring/summer in our bedroom closet) it left room to place several hangers for guest’s coats. It’s great to have this space for those items. It feels inviting, it feels alive and it leaves space for life to flow in.

If you are wanting to welcome in more guests, more abundance and more life to your home, I am happy to help you through the decluttering journey as your guide to letting life in.

With lots of love,




A couple of weeks ago my accountability partner and I had a fun week that we called “The Week of Threes.” We are setting the intention of having three clients flow into our businesses on an ongoing basis, so we set the challenge of finding as many threes that week as we could. It was so much fun! While decluttering I found many sets of three things- three pairs of glasses, three old phones and more! Have you ever set an intention? It is like a goal, but it is something that you focus on in a variety of ways and I have found that if you make it fun and interesting it’s a great way to set an aim for yourself.

Here are three things that I practiced that week that I continue to do:

  1. Write out intentional cards of things that I want to focus on and bring into my life and choose three of those to focus on for the day.

  2. Make a “treasure book” of things that I would like or experiences I would like to have and choose three of those to look at and focus on each day. Examples include- new carpet for two bedrooms, an interview with Oprah and a tea party.

  3. Look around and see things that come in threes as well as create collections of three things such as three candles on the table, three pots of plants by our door and more.

These three things are things I continue to do even though we are not officially in the week of threes anymore. They really center me into the field of possibility and it’s so much fun to see what I will choose out of the cards or the treasure book that day.

Another powerful thing that you can do for your life or your business intention for the new year is to pick a number and then attach that to an outcome or an experience you would like to have or do. Here’s my example:

I was thinking about the power of the year coming up- 2020! It’s amazing to think of! It’s going to be a very big year so it requires a big intention for my business and my life. I was thinking a lot about it this past weekend and then I came up with the number 36. I decided that I want to transform 36 rooms in client’s homes next year. I arrived at that number in the dream by multiplying 3 by 12 months of the year. The number feels great to me and it feels like it’s a great aim to have for the following year. I’m so excited!

It’s also very exciting to look up the meaning of the number you choose. I find that looking up meanings to things that I see or experience around me always affirms that they are there for a very good reason. For example, the meaning of 36, according to Affinity Numerology is: “The essence the numerology number 36 represents energies that accomplishes creative goals for helping humankind.” This really makes me feel fantastic because I love to help people and I love to be a giving and kind person. I know that transforming 36 rooms for clients will be meaningful and wonderful!

I encourage you to set an intention for next year & also make sure to create your intentional cards and your treasure box or notebook. It’s a fun way to start the day and a powerful way to live life.

Feel free to comment below on your experiences!

With lots of love,


She is Me


I have recently discovered a way at looking at life that is so very powerful. It takes lots of trust in life to develop, however it is such an amazing lens to look at life through.

I have done lots of personal growth work over the past few years and I learn so much from books, podcasts, other people and just thinking about concepts in my mind. It is natural thing as a human being to feel separate from others, to feel that we aren’t connected and to wonder why someone has more success than you do, or more resources than you do. That is a very natural feeling that creeps up for us many times. I think it is even more prevalent with social media because we can constantly see others there, see what they have and what they are doing and compare ourselves to them.

There is a new way I have begun to think about this. Although I do not have a science degree or a science background, I am fascinated by things like quantum physics that seems to defy the way that we experience the world. Because of this, I do believe that we are more interconnected than we can grasp at this moment. I also believe that there could be different universes or time loops that we just aren’t aware of that if we were, we would understand how connected we really are and how our actions and thoughts effect outcomes and other people.

The other day while I was pondering such possibilities, I thought of the phrase “She is me.” This means that when I see someone that has achieved something that I want to achieve or has something I want to have, that can be another version of me on a different timeline. In this way, I am bringing what she has into my field of possibility. That means that I can have those things too and I can be those things too if I so choose. It is all possible. It is all out there for us.

This way of looking at the world and looking at others is so exciting because you can truly see yourself in others and see what can happen for you in this lifetime or possibly the next.

Whenever I meet someone that has had success in way that I am striving for, I am confident in the fact that they are showing me that universe in which she is me and I am her. Perhaps I am showing her a possibility for herself as well. There are no losses and only gains in this way of thinking.

I would love to know what you are striving for and how you have seen what you’d like in others. What if she is you? What if you are her?

You can also look at a person who is struggling in a way you used to struggle in the same way. You can see that the situation will be temporary for them just as it was for you. If you know them you can reach out and provide support to them. The more we are creating win-win situations, the more we win and the more others win! I just love this way of thinking about the world.

It is actually fantastic that we are still searching for answers on how the world works because it means that the possibilities are really limitless as to how we can go along on our path.

With lots of love,


You are more than enough


The other day I was thinking of the phrase that if often heard in personal growth/personal development circles: “You are enough.” I think that although that phrase is a good one, I know that we can take it one step further. We can say with certainty: “You are more than enough.” We come from stars, so we are limitless.

I have always been in love with space, stars and galaxies. I love the unlimited potential, the shine, the glitter and the light that stars in the sky represent. Although it wasn’t my area of study in college I love to learn about space, physics and science on my own time. I have heard so many times how we are made up of the material of stars in so many different ways. I feel that this is a perfect way to look at ourselves that will help us to reach new levels of light in our lives.

Because of this we are more than enough because:

  • we are meant to shine bright

  • we are meant to share our unique talents

  • we are meant to show life that we can do anything

  • we are meant to live in our light every day

  • we are meant to use our infinite power to create love and light

  • we are meant to live in the possibility space

  • we are meant to draw upon our amazing strength

Sometimes we are down and don’t realize that the brilliant light is always on inside us, it is limitless and so are we. I believe that when we focus on something, it expands. During the life of a star, it expands as well. There are many stages of a star’s development, much like ours. There are times of expansion, times of explosions and times of cooling. However, we can remember that we are always a star in any stage, just like a star in space. At the very core, we are still shining.

In what ways are you shining this week? In what ways are you expanding? If you are at a time of explosion you are like a super nova that will shine very bright after that. In this way, low times for us can be a time of rest and a time of contemplation just before a big explosion of opportunity and good fortune. This is a great way to look at our lives because at the core we are always there, we are slowly changing and evolving but the core of our shining light is more than enough to help us light the way on our path.

I’d love to hear from you on how you are more than enough today.

With lots of love,