Soak It In

Beautiful Big Lake Oregon where we went camping last weekend.

Beautiful Big Lake Oregon where we went camping last weekend.

Last weekend we went on an amazing camping trip with another family. I grew up going camping almost every year and we would go to a lake for a few days and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I find that every year I have a need for going camping, at last for 1-2 nights in an area that has a lake or a stream so that I can really refresh my mind and get clear on things.

My dear husband really doesn’t care for camping, his ideal day is one mostly spent at home reading, watching shows or movies, going out to eat and things like that. He enjoys his quiet time and alone time very much. So, for that reason my son and I went camping with another family while my husband had the freedom to stay home and enjoy his time as well. Whenever we are in a nature area lately he’s told me to “soak it in.” He loves to joke about it, thinking that just walking a nature trail will be all it takes to fill my need for nature. I love it!

For me there is something amazing about being out in nature truly away from town and from all conveniences even for 1-2 short days that does something amazing to restore your mind and your spirit. It clears away all of the mental clutter, and is really like a fresh start to a new season for the year I find.

Something truly remarkable happened on this trip. My son really, really loves to be in the water and loves to swim. He has learned to swim over the years by going to the public pool in the summers and practicing swimming every chance he got when we were on vacation at the hotel pools. Since our campsites were right on the lake, he was able to get in the water often. Right when we got to the site, he got right into the water in the clothes he was wearing and began to swim. Whenever he got tired, it would float on this back. He is so amazing at floating! He really wanted to cross to the other shore and since he had that goal in mind, he kept at it until he made it. I could do nothing except for trust him. I had to put my faith in him and trust that he knew how to make it to the other side on his own, and of course he did it!

This trusting moment was such an important lesson of letting go and knowing that things always work out. He knew in his mind and through his swimming practice that he could make it, he had no doubt! He really taught me a lesson in trusting myself as well and knowing that whatever I intend and set my mind and hear to, will come to me. I soaked in that moment and was so very proud of him for accomplishing what he intended to do, and I was also proud of myself for trusting in him.

When we have the mindset that he had, that everything always works out, fear melts away. We trust life to show us the way and light our path. We trust our instincts and everything that’s around us. This truly is the way to live. I did soak in that moment and many more in those two amazing days.

My son asked me why I stood so long at the edge of the campsite just looking at the lake, looking at a chipmunk on a piece of driftwood, watching the fog drift over the lake. I told him I was soaking it all in, really being in that moment and soaking in the tranquil effects of nature on me.

What moments do you soak in? What places do you love to go? How can you trust and let go that it will all work out? I would love to hear from you about these moments in your life.

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