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A lovely friend of mine who is moving from California to Oregon told me an interesting story about this box pictured above that she found in their storage unit while de-cluttering and getting ready for their move. She told me about de-cluttering:

Moving is a great time to evaluate and ask, "Why have I been hanging on to this clutter?"  And importantly, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

She found it very interesting that although it is labeled “important stuff" they hadn’t opened it or looked in it in over 5 years!

However, it turned out to be a great thing that it was labeled that way because she did find some wonderful letters and keepsakes from relatives that she did want to keep.

In her words this is what she told me she learned from this experience:

I'm glad I didn't dismiss the box and throw it out without opening it.  Inside, were photos of and letters from my grandma, cards from my mom and notes from my husband back when we were first married, and other miscellaneous memorabilia.  What I learned:  Provide a better description on the box, such as, Important Keepsakes.  That way, at some point, I will be able to take all the Important Items/Keepsake boxes and pair them down into 1 box.

I think that these are very important lessons learned. It is paramount to:

  • Go through all of your things thoroughly when de-cluttering.

  • Label boxes correctly.

  • Allow yourself only 1 box for keepsakes, not multiple “memory boxes.” If you only have 1 box you are more likely to pare that down to maybe one scrapbook that you can actually enjoy.

Moving is a wonderful time to really come face to face with your things and think about the following questions:

  1. Does this fit the new lifestyle I want to create in my new home?

  2. Is this worth the time/effort/money to move?

  3. Do these things bring me peace and freedom?

  4. Will these things/ furniture fit into my new home, do I have a specific place for them?

If you are moving soon and need help paring down your things and going through them to make your transition easier, I am here to help:

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