Future Decluttering


As parents we often think that our children will want to inherit our things. We keep lots of things to one day pass on to them. However when it really comes down to it, your children only want time & memories with you. The present moment is all that we have and all that we should be concerned with giving to our children. The rest is really just stuff that they may or may not want.

If we are hanging on to things only because we think that our children or relatives may want it one day when we downsize or when we pass away, we need to rethink things. It is so very important to keep only things that: we enjoy looking at, we use on a regular basis. All else can go. We can let go of it. Our children and relatives will have their own things that they love to look at or use regularly.

We owe it to our future to de-clutter now, pare down our things so that our children and relatives are not saddled with the large task of deciding what stays and what goes. Of course, there will be plenty of things still left, even in a de-cluttered household. However, if we minimize what we keep now, it will be so much easier when an eventual change of home or downsize happens and your relatives need to help you with the process.

Think not only of today, but of the future when deciding what things to keep in your home. I think it’s important to not only enjoy the results of minimizing your things now, but to enjoy them in the future too because you will have fewer things to move and deal with later on.

When you focus on living in the present instead of saving too many things for the future, you will be leaving a legacy of fun memories and love instead of too many things to go through. I urge you to minimize your things now and instead of acquiring more things, acquire more memories by: taking days off, spending time with friends, inviting people over for a meal, planning a vacation and more! The future really is now in this moment and it is ours to enjoy with freedom and peace in our homes and lives.

Joyful Minimalism: 

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