Letting Go of Annoyances


I believe that annoyances or things that make us angry can be a form of clutter in our lives. Many times we carry around mental clutter that is blocking us from our best lives and it can be more of an obstacle than physical clutter at times.

I will give an example in my own life. Yesterday I got a call from someone who I thought wanted to meet up, get to know me and see if we could refer business to each other, or I thought that their office needed my help from the sound of the voicemail. The call started off in that direction, however in a short amount of time the call resulted in them wanting to sell me advertising in a guide they were putting together.

This created a huge annoyance in my mind. When we expect one thing and then another, less desirable thing happens, it can really annoy us and get on our nerves. It can create blockages to doing our best work the rest of the day, or even into the next day. This was the case with me. I am rarely annoyed, but this really got to me. I really love to develop real relationships with people both in personal friendships and business partnerships, so that tactic really doesn’t fit my values. I always want relationships to be a win-win situation and this did not seem so to me. I was not given the chance to get to know them and they were not getting to know me either.

The next day this call and interaction was still bothering me and really putting a cloud on a sunny day for me. I decided I needed to let go of this so that I could move on to much more important and meaningful work- writing these blog posts and reaching out to my audience to help them.

Here is what I did:

I wrote down the annoyance- just one paragraph. Then, I put at the bottom- I am letting go. I am surrendering. Goodbye!

After that I crumpled up the paper and put it in the fire pit and lit it on fire. I watched as it turned to ashes and the weight of the annoyance lifted. I was able to sit and enjoy the sunshine in the garden and watch the squirrels chase each other. Life was back to the light and I could move on.

Have you had an annoyance that weighed on you for more than a day? How did you handle it?

Please let me know in the comments below.

With lots of joy,


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