Reclaiming Your Space


How does this room in the photo make your feel? Do you feel more relaxed looking at this free, open space? Simple, flowing spaces are easy on the mind and body. We are more able to freely move through our days when we have fewer things to deal with.

There are many steps to reclaiming the space in your home which will lead you to reclaiming more peace and freedom in your life. Here are a few steps to help you start to reclaim your space that have to do with the rooms in your home as well as purchasing habits.

  1. When you look at your things be aware that for each things that you own you are:

  • taking time to care for it

  • clean it

  • maintain it in good repair

  • or maintain storage of it so that you can find it again.

2. Ask yourself when you are choosing things to keep or give away whether you want to commit to caring for each of the items in the ways listed above. If the answer is no, then it is time to let go. Think of the things that you own in your home more like things that are actually alive that require care and attention from you. That shift in perspective will help you greatly on your journey to reclaim your space.

3. When you are purchasing something, is it to replace something that is broken or worn? Or is it recreational shopping? When we are more mindful and purposeful with our shopping habits, truly thinking if we need the item we are bringing into our home and if we will care for it properly, that will help us decide if we really need to purchase it or not. This mindfulness will save money as well. Money that can be used to take some time out for a vacation or other gifts of time to relax.

The three steps above will help you decide on your items both when it is time to let go of them or when you are considering a purchase.

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