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What if your life could be made easier just by having an “easy button” like the one pictured above? What if you could help your brain look for easier solutions and the path of least resistance to any situation? It really can be done. You can help your brain look at a situation as easy or help it to work through a tough situation by just getting the work done. Here is how.

Recently my accountability partner came up with the “It’s easy” phrase to help herself look for the easiest way to deal with things, or the fastest way to make progress. Simply by stating out loud- “It’s easy.” to herself she was able to move through her work and it helped her brain come up with the best solution moving forward.

Many times we are the main roadblock for our progress. We can look at things as overly complicated, or daunting or simply impossible. This outlook severely inhibits our pathways to joy in our life. The words that we choose to tell ourselves or tell others about our lives are very important. They are far more powerful than we know. If we repeat to ourselves out loud or in our head, or even write about difficulties over and over again we are creating paths of difficulty. To create a path to ease, we must focus on the ease of life.

Here are some ways you can try this in your own life:

  1. When you catch yourself getting frustrated and overwhelmed with something in your day- say to yourself (I am using my name as an example, but use your name) “Trista, this is easy.” This will start your brain thinking of easier ways to move through your day.

  2. Look for evidence in your life that things are easy and write them down. Maybe you have had a busy week and something gets canceled- celebrate that and realize it’s life’s way of showing you that it’s easy and now you can take some time to relax or get other things done. Look at cancellations as little gifts! It gives you some extra time you didn’t think you’d have! You can also put a coin or a rock in a jar for every time you encounter something that is easy in your life.

  3. Ask yourself “How can I make this easy?” Maybe there is something on your list that you can offload to someone else, or just cross it off if it isn’t a high priority- easy!

  4. Another way to make things easy is to of course remove extra things in your environment. When there are too many objects in a room, it’s harder for your to concentrate and find the ease in your days. Decluttering a space to do your work and to relax is really important.

  5. Carve out a part of each of day that feels like a vacation. That will set your mind into easy mode. For me, that means sitting outside in our garden at the patio table sipping coffee or tea and just watching the beautiful birds and listening to the sounds of nature. I make sure to do this every day so that I feel that I am on vacation and things are easy, things are taken care of.

I hope that this makes your life a little easier!

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