To sell or not to sell? That is the question!

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When I saw this comic the other day about a yard sale or “Lawn Belongings Transfer” it reminded me of our first & last garage sale. I remember it took all weekend (and many hours before that to price things, set up, advertise, put up signs and tend to our sale. All in all I think that we made under $200. Yes, many things found a new home and I do believe in reducing waste as much as possible, but giving them away by contacting a charity truck or to someone in a “buy nothing” group is much simpler and easier.

Do you like to sell your unwanted items? Do you enjoy the time it takes? I would say most people would much rather spend their free time doing fun or relaxing things other than posting things for sale, holding a garage sale, shipping the items or haggling over prices. Your time is amazingly valuable, it is a finite resource that you never, ever get back. I always consider this when thinking about selling any items that I no longer use or find joy in displaying in my home. Throwing away things is a last resort by all means for me as I am working on a very low-waste lifestyle, however I find much more joy and satisfaction in giving away the items.

I encourage clients to donate and recycle as many of their unwanted items as possible. This really is the best solution for the following reasons:

  1. Your time is immeasurably valuable: I know that as a person who values peace and freedom in my days which I have created by minimizing my things and minimizing my time commitments, most of the time you would rather spend your free time doing your hobbies, relaxing, reading a good book or catching up with a friend over coffee, tea or lunch. Posting lots of items online to sell can take a lot of time because you have to follow up with the buyer, ship the item, arrange a pick up of the item or drop it off. This can take so much more time for very little money unless the item is very valuable. Very few items are worth the time.

  2. The space you will quickly gain is more valuable: If you arrange for a charity truck to pick up your items quickly, you will gain more space and more peace of mind in your home in a short amount of time. You can reclaim a whole room in a matter of a day if you arrange for a swift pick up or drop off your items quickly at a donation center. I advise clients to do this as fast a possible so that they can enjoy the spaces in their homes again.

  3. The freedom you gain is more valuable than the money: The time freedom and the space freedom that you gain in your home is more valuable than the $2.50 or $5 per small item monetary gain that you get by selling your unwanted items. You gain freedom by quickly donating items because you will rid yourself of: frustration, stress, anxiety and more about the items that you have to post, process or deal with while selling them. If you spend too much time selling items many parts of your home will become a staging area for a bazaar instead of a real living space that you can enjoy.

  4. You can get a tax-write-off for your donations: You can get a receipt for each donation that you make. You do need to look up fair market values for items but that is easily done online. Once you get the receipt you can write the market value of the items that you donated and keep this for your tax records. At tax time you can submit these with your taxes. All of these donations can add up to some great tax savings!

I realize that clients will want to sell a few of their items, especially the more valuable or larger items before they part with them. That is perfectly okay. There is a balance that is different for everyone. I do encourage clients to choose only up to 5 items per area to sell; so that they are not overwhelmed by the selling process and thus stall the progress of clearing their home.

My wish is that these tips help you let go of more of your things and help you to create more freedom and peace in your life!

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