Is Your Clutter Stealing Your Energy?


One of my clients relayed this story the other day to me as she worked on de-cluttering her home. She had a major realization about a box she had ignored for quite some time.

That box was hiding behind my shelf and I needed to get something out of somewhere. I needed to move it. So, it’s been on my bedroom floor for like 3 weeks. It was really annoying me and full of stuff. It had coat hangers, a pair of curtains, a magazine rack and a couple of e-book print-outs.

So, it really took me 15 minutes to empty and put the stuff away. But, the amount of psychic energy that it drained out of me the 3 weeks that it was in there and actually probably the year that it’s been hiding, it’s like far more.

People might think they don’t have time to de-clutter, but it’s a time suck, hidden energy suck of not clearing.

Now I’m going to use it (the box) to put all my containers (food containers) in, which is another box that’s overflowing.


We often move quickly through our day and toss our things in random boxes, bags or shelves and do not realize the effect it is having on our daily energy. As my client mentioned, the time that it took to clear that box and make everything more useful was only 15 minutes compared to around a year of sucking energy out of her seeing that box on a daily basis.

It is way more valuable than we realize to clear our spaces because it brings us not only peace of mind and an ability to find what we need, it also gives us energy back!

Once your spaces are clear and your clutter is gone, there are homes for the things that you use and love, you will find a different energy in your day, in your life and in your home.

Instead of tripping over boxes and bags, spending time and energy wondering where your important things are, and feeling overwhelmed you can spend your energy on more important things like being with friends and family and relaxing!

What things are in your way that are stealing your energy? What areas are you tripping over on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments below!

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Trista Ainsworth

I am a professional organizer and decluttering expert. I help clients create more peace, joy and freedom in the spaces in their homes and businesses.