Moving on to a New Path


Well, a sudden end to my journey at Murray's Coffee Bar as baker and chef is happening tomorrow. I knew this day was coming for a few days now, but nonetheless it is difficult and hurts my heart. As a team we put our whole heart and soul into this shop, but small business is very tough sometimes. There are so many circumstances and factors outside of your control. In spite of this, we ran an incredibly kind and heart-centered coffee shop that is so very rare in this world. 

I feel so very honored to have worked with the best people who truly cared for our customers like family and loved each and every person. We had regular customers that were there early each and every morning and we know so many people by name. It is truly heart breaking to close the doors of what has become a second home to so many in the community. 

Although this journey has been short, I have learned so very much. I have learned about how amazing freshly roasted local coffee can be, how a coffee shop runs, how to serve customers brunch, how to get orders out in time when there are many to prepare and so much more. More than any of this, I learned that the most important thing in any venture is the people. Our team is so amazing and if we had the funding, I know that we would run the best shop in the world with lots of heart. Unfortunately sometimes it comes down to the numbers, but talent, care, kindness and love we have in abundance on our team. 

I know that this is just the start for me and there is so much more to come. I really love to plan but for now I am learning to let go, trust and know that the universe had this planned all along. There is a reason to close the doors and to walk down a different path. I don't know where it will lead yet, but there will be delicious, beautiful food there and it's worth all the wait. 

Thank you for all of your support, love and care these past few months. I have not been very present on this blog as of late as it is a very busy summer between work, my son being off of school and out of town visitors and events going on. I will be checking in a bit more regularly from now on. I wish you an amazing journey every single day. 

With lots of love,


Trista Ainsworth

I am a professional organizer and decluttering expert. I help clients create more peace, joy and freedom in the spaces in their homes and businesses.