A New Chapter

A New Chapter

It is mysterious and so very interesting how dreams seem to manifest themselves and although they take their own path and come true in their own time, sometimes it can seem like all of the sudden you are where you wanted to be in the blink of an eye! 

That is how I felt yesterday when I did my "test run day" at Murray's Coffee Bar- doing baking and cooking for the shop. I was so grateful to have lots of friends, neighbors and clients stop by to say hi, get some coffee, pastries, granola and quiche. As I worked away that day I truly felt at home, like this was my little space to create something amazing for people to enjoy. 

This whole week I kept seeing and marveling at an image that I had placed on my 2018 vision board in January of this year. I had cut out a picture of a plain, black cup of coffee in a white mug. I believe this really got my brain going in the direction of the coffee shop and being open to the possibilities!  This is my 2nd year making a vision board and I can tell you it is an amazing process. I know that it seems crazy to think that gluing pictures from magazines or picture print outs onto a board could give you any outcome at all, but I can tell you for a fact that it really works. Not only have I had my coffee shop partnership materialize, I have also had travel opportunities for myself and others come about from pictures on my board. I believe that it is a combination of trust, hard work and joy that has made these dreams come true! 

It doesn't mean that you can just create a vision board and not put in any work. I do not believe that, but I do believe that if you put the idea out there into the universe, work as hard as you can & also leave yourself open to opportunities that is the magical formula! 

Ideas on a Board + Hard Work + Open to Opportunities = Dreams Come True

I think that the process of selecting the photos to place on my board, truly believing that I am worthy and capable of having and creating these things + hard work is the right way to go! I am now also seeing a correlation between what I have on my separate "The Cheery Cafe" board and the lovely coffee shop- Murray's Coffee Bar where I will be cooking and baking full time starting in April. 

1. They are very community focused. They treat everyone like family and are very kind to everyone. 

2. They serve super delicious, locally roasted coffee.

3. They believe in opportunity. 

4. They support local artists and craftspeople. 

5. They are allowing me the freedom and creativity to create seasonal, wonderful menus for customers to enjoy. 

So, in closing, if you haven't made a vision board/dream board yet this year- it's not too late! Believe in the power of trust in your vision and you will be amazed at the results the universe will bring you if you put joy and hard work into it. 

I'd love to hear your vision board stories- please comment below or email me at: 


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