New Possibilities!

New Possibilities!

Transitions in life and in business can be both scary and full of enormous potential and possibilities. Because of the shut down of my current meal service platform, I find myself in the realm of change and possibilities. Although I tend to be a very positive person, this doesn't mean that big changes are super easy for me. I really do love change on many levels; new decor, new haircuts, new ways of styling clothes or my home or garden. I also love to change it up in my business and offer fresh and new ideas to clients. However, with lots of big change and transition happening at once there can also be a looming fear of the unknown and and a feeling of uncertainty. This is natural and I believe it is important to move through these emotions one step at a time and do things that make sense to you so that you can move on to bigger, better things. 

At this time with around a month to go until my final transition out of this meal service and into something new (yet to be determined) I find myself needing to simplify and change my surroundings a bit at home so that I feel like I am ready to transition to a new and improved business model. Whenever I make a big change- like deciding a while back to retire from the farmer's market, I declutter and give away lots of things I no longer need and simplify my belongings. This seems to be my way of letting go of the old and leaving room for the new, for the possibilities to come. I also feel that it's a way of showing the universe that I am ready to take on the next change and the next challenges that come my way.

So, in the past few days I have followed my intuition and in-between my business work and family time I've been decluttering and simplifying the decor in each room, cabinet and drawer in the house. This is quite a process but it isn't as big of a job right now because I have done big decluttering sessions in the past. This time around it is more of a "maintenance round." I feel that although we can do a big decluttering, things tend to creep in over time and it's a great idea to do this about once a year and really evaluate your possessions and the spaces you live in. I feel that there is more space in each room and I feel peace and happiness as I walk in to each space. This does mean that at the moment the garage is a mess with lots of things ready to give away or put elsewhere. But, this is just a part of the process. After I am finished decluttering as much as I am able to in the rest of the house I will ready things to give away and then declutter the garage as well. 

Even though this transition is a really big one, I really am super excited about the change and on many levels aI feel that I am ready for it. I have been working on my own in a home business for several years now and although there are many advantages to it, it can be quite isolating and I feel that being in a location around other people and seeing clients on a more regular basis would be a great thing for me. Also, it gets me one step closer to my goal of owning my own cafe. 

I truly feel that at the right times, the universe may create changes for us that are out of our control, but were just what we needed to get that extra push to put us right where we need to be to thrive and shine. 

What transitions or big changes have you been through? How did you cope with them? I believe everyone has their own way of coping with change and doing certain activities that help guide them and signal that one chapter is over and a new one is beginning. I'd love to hear from you what helps you during these times. 

With lots of care,