Locally Delicious!

Locally Delicious!

This post is one in a multi-part series on my blog where I share my thoughts along my journey of opening a local cafe. Today's blog is about getting to know and finding local providers of delicious foods for my cafe. 

Here in Oregon we are so fortunate to have such a bounty of local produce and local providers of fabulous food. That is why one of my projects with opening this cafe is that it will support many local growers and producers of amazing products. I already use the best gluten free flours from Bob's Red Mill that is locally owned and employee owned which is amazing!  Here are some of the local providers I will be on the lookout for: 

  • Local coffee roaster
  • Mountain Rose Teas from Eugene Oregon (back when we had a farmer's market stand we used to serve these delicious teas) 
  • Honey
  • Bob's Red Mill flours
  • Produce
  • Fruit
  • Local meat/butcher
  • Herbs and Veggies from our kitchen garden

Do you know any local producers of amazing produce and food products? I would love to know about them! What local products do you love? 

Feel free to comment below or send me an email at: info@thecheerychef.com

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Trista Ainsworth

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