A Positive Place

A positive place

This is another blog post in a series about building my dream cafe. I am part way through this journey as I envision, plan and dream as well as meet with others about this dream place. In my heart I trust this vision. I will do the work necessary to make it come true, but I trust the universe to take care of some of the details. 

As I took a "dream day" to write down all of my thoughts about the cafe that had been rattling around in my head for a long time, I thought about not only the look of the cafe but the environment and the messages that surround the clients and the team members working there. Out and about sometimes I see people that look sad, dejected or negative. I feel like they are under so much stress. What if there were somewhere they could go to nourish their souls, to have a smile on their face for at least part of the day? That is what I want to build. I want to see more smiles and positivity! 

I also encourage you to schedule a "dream day" to envision what your dream looks like and write about it, draw it, paint it! Schedule a day after the holidays or the beginning of January to start to make your dreams come true! 

Here is how I envision the cafe looking and the exact messages that we will incorporate into the design to make it a positive environment: 

Look of the cafe: 

Warm, inviting cottage space. This cafe feels like a home away from home. The look mixes modern lines with traditional flourishes like lace tablecloths. Modern Swedish + Grandma's House. 

Furniture: Modern wood tables and chairs adorned with antique linens. Some large chairs and sofas to relax in, especially around the bakery area. 

Colors: Natural light wood tones such as maple and Oregon ash+ hot pink and gold accents. 

Wall Art: Modern prints in ornate gold painted frames. Art is graphic, bold, positive message: 

"Keep Postive" 

"Smile: You are Amazing"

"Miracles Are Happening"

"We are all Connected"

What does a positive & inviting space look like to you? 

I'd love to hear from you! 

With lots of care,