My Daily Routines- Building Daily Habits that Move You Toward Your Goals!

My daily routines- Building Daily Habits that Move You Toward Your Goals!

Many times life can really seem like such a crazy juggling act, or a giant puzzle. It is sometimes the opposite of the calming, serene scene pictured above from my afternoon tea. In our minds there are so many moving pieces, so many things we want to accomplish, so many people we want to help, so many places we want to go and so many tasks we must get done in order to move forward. I still sometimes have "mind-storms" where tons of different tasks come to mind, and I find I need to quiet that storm and refocus to figure out what to do next. 

Over this step by step journey of creating The Cheery Chef, of discovering who I really am, of concentrating on my craft so that I can share it with others I have found that the best way to calm the storm is to create daily habits that become automatic and move me towards my goals. There are now set numbers of things that I do daily, weekly and monthly that move me in the direction I want to go. This is slow, incremental success, but it is the best kind.  This is not to say this journey has been easy, in fact, it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I find myself juggling business tasks with family tasks and lots of other things that love to do to help others. However, I find peace in my routines, even when I have to shift my schedule when my son gets sick, I have appointments to go to or other things come up. Now I have a way to deal with those things too, and calmly move on with my work. 

In this post I want to share with you my 3 sets of habits. This may help you develop your sets of habits as well. 

Daily Habits: 

Monday to Friday, I have several habits that help me go through my morning. I wake up at around 4:30am in order to get these done. I make it a priority. This may not work for everyone, but I am very much a morning person and it really works for me and energizes me for the rest of the day. I am still trying to figure out how to handle the weekends. I do like to sleep in a bit, but then I really miss easing into the day with my morning ritual. So, I am still experimenting on how best to create a weekend morning habit. I think I will start to try waking up a bit later, however earlier than my husband and son so I can have a bit of quiet time before they wake up. 

Here are the things that I do before my son gets up & ready for school during the week: 

1. 5 minutes of meditation

2. Affirmations- a list to help me energize for the day

3. Read for 20 minutes

4. Write down 10 ideas

5. Write in my Freedom Journal* about my goal for the day

6. Put a load of laundry in

7. Exercise

8. Get dressed/ready

9. Post to my Cheery Chef Facebook Page

10. Send a short message to my best friend in Mexico

*You can learn more about the Freedom Journal in the link below. It is a great tool to help you accomplish a big goal in 100 days. Make sure to check it out!


Later on in the day I have these other habits: 

1. Post to Instagram.

2.  No social media or email between 9am-12 noon.

3. Do my Freedom Journal task to move me towards my 100-day goal.

4. Write about my progress in the Freedom Journal in the evening. 


Weekly Habits/Theme Days:  

These habits help me stay on top of my content creation and the inner workings of my business and platform that I am building. It is important to have a schedule every week and it makes it easy because I can "plug-in" these habits into my schedule to make sure that they get done. I want to have a well-rounded work week where I am fitting in: writing, communications, meeting in person with people, pro-development and more. 

1. Post 2 blog posts per week.

2.Write 3 blog posts per week so that I have some extras to fall back on.

3. Create 3 new recipes per week.

4. Send out 1 newsletter per week.

5. Send 3 emails out per week to places where I can do cooking demos or other people I can partner with, etc.

6. Study 2 $100 MBA lessons per week. 

7. Get to one networking event per week. 

Another thing that I do is something that I learned from Kate Erickson from the podcast "Kate's Take-The EO Fire Audio blog." This is: theming days. I love this concept because it means that I don't usually have to move from one task in the kitchen to another on the computer in one day. It means I can really focus and concentrate on my tasks. Now, there are some weeks where I may have to schedule an appointment on one of my theme days, or something comes up that I need to take care of. I try to avoid this, but sometimes it happens. So, in these cases I try to set aside other times to do my weekly habits and readjust. 

Here is a link to the podcast that talks about theming your days:

Here are my theme days: 

Mondays: Kitchen Day! 

Tuesdays: Writing Day!

Wednesdays: Catch up Day! On this day I sometimes schedule appointments or catch up on other tasks. 

Thursdays: Pro Development Day! 

Fridays: Networking/Social Day! 


Monthly Habits: 

These habits are mostly personal. I really want to be a well-rounded person that makes time to spend with others because those are the most cherished times. I love to get together with friends for lunch, go on date night with my husband or with my mom and family for other events as well. The pedicure is my monthly treat because with lots of cooking I am on my feet a lot! I really want to get out and about in the community as well so I work on setting up free cooking demos every month. 

1. Get together with friends.

2. Get together with family.

3. Get a pedicure.

4. Go on a date night with my husband. 

5. Do 1-2 community cooking demos per month. 

To close, I would like to say that I, like everyone else everywhere am a "work in progress." Every day I am learning, adjusting and figuring out how best to spend my time so that I can help and reach the most people, make a difference and an impact on the world. It is an organic process, always moving, changing. There have been times I have failed someone, or needed to re-prioritize but didn't. I learn from these mistakes and try to do better next time. That is what life is all about. Everyone and everything is our teacher. We have to learn what we can to be just a little bit better each day, to shine a little more light on the world. 

I want to encourage you to commit to your craft, to get up and do something that makes your heart sing on a regular basis. There will be challenges. There will be roadblocks. There will be heartbreak. This is the journey. But, in this journey of the spirit, I am learning that the hardest things to accomplish are also the most beautiful and precious. Give it your best! Give it your all! We all want to see what you have in your heart! 

I thank you with all of my heart and hope that you have an amazing day! Onward and upward we go!