Recipes for a Cheery Life: Gluten Free Brunch


My first published cookbook is now available directly through Blurb and on Amazon! It is a gorgeous softcover edition. You can purchase the book through this link.



In this book I share with you how we can all come to the table together to enjoy a delicious and special brunch. There is something for everyone in this book. All of the recipes are gluten free and dairy free. I also include many vegetarian, vegan and paleo recipes. 

Here is a video of me unwrapping the new cookbook:


Here is the book description: 

"Gluten free and dairy free brunch recipes that will entice every cook! A stunning array of brunch recipes that you will use to create a wonderful celebration with your family and friends. This cookbook is for everyone and it includes many recipes that are not only gluten free but paleo, vegetarian and vegan. All of your guests will be able to enjoy all of the dishes you prepare from these recipes. A complete pantry list, flour mix recipes and sample menus for any specialized diet or occasion are included in this book. Home cooks will delight in the variety of delicious and creative recipes using many healthy and beautiful ingredients. As an added bonus, sprinkled throughout the book are lots of great life tips to help you in the day to day."

 I hope you enjoy the book. It was a labor of love to put together and I enjoyed every moment of working with my photographer, designer and editor.