joyful minimalism


My Minimalism Philosophy:

I believe that everyone’s home is amazingly beautiful and should be celebrated. There is a hidden beauty beneath extra stuff and clutter that can be uncovered. That is what I love to help clients discover. I see the possibility in each and every space.

I love to advocate for what I call “Use what you have decorating and organizing.” Instead of running out and buying all kinds of baskets, drawer organizers and more, I look for ways to use what is already in the home first. Sometimes a few organizational items are needed, but I try to keep that to a minimum.

I can also help de-clutter extra furniture and rearrange living spaces using what is already in the home to make spaces function better. There are already so many great pieces in client’s homes that can be put to use.

I advocate for going towards a low-waste/zero waste lifestyle and help clients donate their extra items, recycle them and reuse a few things in their homes in other ways. I work to make sure that there is as little thrown away in the process as possible.

I can also recommend moving away from single-use plastics especially for products in the kitchen and bathroom and suggest alternatives and other ways of cleaning/washing in a more sustainable way.

I am a holistic home de-cluttering expert in every way! I help clients find peace, freedom and joy in their homes. They are now able to enjoy more time in and away from their homes knowing that there is an abundance of time and lots of joy in minimalism.

Joyful Minimalism Story:

After around 15 years serving customers and custom clients with her baking and food services in many forms, Trista Ainsworth has started a new chapter in her life.

In January, 2019 she began to notice that for many months she had written about various changes and transformations in her life and had moved away from writing about recipes on her blog to mostly writing about personal growth and the things that she was noticing about her life and ways that she could help others.

It began to become apparent that each time she went through a major change in business or life that she dove deeper and deeper into de-cluttering her things to make sense of her environment and to let go of things that were no longer serving her. She began a house-wide de-cluttering at the beginning of January and continues to be curious about her things and her surroundings.

In the past few months she has begun to help clients both locally and long-distance to clear spaces in their homes. She has been honored to be a part of the process of creating peace in their homes through her de-cluttering and organizing packages.

Contact her to find out more about how she can help you transform your home and environment. .